Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets: 1/13/2011


Hoboken resident Jon Huber on Wheel of Fortune!

If you caught Wheel of Fortune last night you saw Hobokenite Jon Huber take his shot at the big money. During the contestant introductions we learned Jon works at a financial software company, and on his free time he likes to train for triathalons. Host Pat Sajak responded with his trademark dry wit, “We have a lot in common, because I’ve been to Hoboken.”

Jon just missed the opening $1000 toss-up puzzle by a half-second, but rebounded quickly to snag the $2000 toss-up. The category was “Proper Name” and with just three letters on the board Jon solved it as “Oprah Winfrey.” Jon got the first spin for the jackpot round, but called the letter S, which was not on the board. (DOH!) Jon doesn’t get lucky again until the $3000 toss-up when a competitor guesses, “Dimming the lights”, which is wrong. Jon steps up with “Seeing the sites” to cash in a second time. Sadly for our fellow Mile Square dweller, “that was all she wrote.” Jon ended up in 3rd place with $5000 in winnings, while the big winner of the night (Sara) easily won the bonus round to rack up a whopping $47,090 including a new Dodge Challenger.

Well Jon, you may have ended up last, but $5000 for a half hour of play isn’t bad in this economy!

A rough ride in store for 2011?

Last week – I had a chance to hit the store for some basic necessities. It had been a solid few months since I went on a bonafide shopping trip to stock up. One thing that immediately struck me was “Gee the price of practically everything is substantially higher!”

Below is an interesting video from the National Inflation Association about what is plaguing the world – and will seemingly hit us hard right here at home.

Massive Snow Canyons in Hoboken!

Hoboken411 reader Jessica was a bit frightened by this massive canyon of snow – on a regular street in Hoboken!

“Not sure if you saw this but attached are some pics of the worst plow job I’ve ever seen and not to mention scary – I just had to drive through this 10ft snow pile by the Upper Grand. I wonder if it’s a hazard! It’s so scary I almost didn’t drive through it! Gotta love this city.”

Will Mount Etna Erupt?

Volcanic eruptions are quite the spectacle – and if I were in Italy, I’d be a bit nervous about this. If you want to check the status of Mt. Etna – see this site!

Have a nice day, Hoboken! The week is almost over!

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If one of the clues was AMATEUR MAYOR, Jon would have won!


That “worst plow job” on 13th Street is because that’s where they carted all of the snow from the blizzard and then they cut a path through the middle.