Reporter Roundup 1/29/2007

suggestion-box-shredder.jpgThis idea has crossed my mind a few times in the past couple months. A place for residents to go to express their complaints, observations and even compliments regarding our towns only dedicated newspaper, the Hoboken Reporter.

While we all know they can’t publish every letter sent in due to space limitations (although the Real Estate section sure is expanding at a break-neck pace), they certainly do have a heavy (and seemingly politically influenced) editorial hand when it comes to deciding what gets published. It was after reading this week’s Letters to the Editor that got me a little annoyed, and paved the way for this weekly open comment forum for the paper.

  • It had been an entire week since Councilman Campos had a DWI run-in with Johnny Law in NYC. For starters, why wasn’t this front page news? And why only two letters? And one was even positive? What made me foam at the mouth was Terry LaBruno’s resounding “I’m proud of you, Chris”! Why does it take an asinine incident like this for the compliments to come pouring out? Naturally, everyone has good and bad days, we’re all human. But when someone is elected to serve the public, knowingly consuming alcohol and driving is NOT an acceptable “lapse in judgment” like just running the light sober because you’re in a hurry. This would count more as a string of inexcusable lapses.
  • Additionally, when I called the NYPD, they told me his BAC% was at least 0.10%, but wouldn’t divulge the exact number. Now it’s .08? And it went up on the ride to the station? Did they stop and have more beers on the way? Or is getting watered down somehow?
  • Notice how the Velocity condos had a big spread in the middle of the paper? They seem to be back on track again. I love that soundproofing is a major selling point. I think they ought to add bullet-proof glass as well. And what kind of computer generated image is that? Does it look like Hoboken to you? It’d be nice if the buyers saw what was really happening, rather than getting bamboozled into thinking otherwise. Ironically, a reader had written to Hoboken411 indicating that the other Hoboken “real estate boards” have conveniently removed any and all comments regarding Velocity. Much of them were downright negative. Are they getting paid off by the developers in order to maintain that “positive image”? If you were offered cash or incentives to remove comments, would you accept?
  • And of course, on page 16, Mayor Roberts is directly under the “Good News” section with yet another ribbon-cutting/hand-shaking opportunity. But we all like good news, right?

I just skimmed most of the paper, as I’ve been suffering with the flu for the past two days. Any other noteworthy points to make? Check back every Monday for the latest on the Reporter.

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Whaddya say we scrape up some money and purchase a full-page ad for Hoboken411 in the ol’ Reporter? We can use a good screen-shot from one of the gaudier stories and come up with some inventive cut line like, “Hoboken’s source for real news since XXXX.”


The Hoboken Reporter was started by a developer to sell real estate. Real estate advertising is their main source of income.

Hoboken’s mayor is a developer and he and his crew on the city council main source of campaign income are real estate developers.

Anything that upsets the status quo of developers continued profits is a danger to both the Hoboken Reporter and the politicians they have created.

If the Roberts Team has always considered the 4th Ward city council seat their own since Mayor Roberts brought Mr. Campos in from Jersey City and appointed him to the vacant seat.

The Campos DWI fiasco, puts that 4th Ward seat in jepordy. If the developer lose control of the city council they will have a hard time pushing their many redevlopment plans for Hoboken. The Mr. Roberts wants to “redevelop” over 50 acres in the mile square city, so there are hundreds of millions of dollars at stake.

While the Hoboken Reporter could not “bury” the story totally but will certainlly not give it much exposure.

The Hoboken City Council should reprsent all of the people of Hoboken not just the developers bottom line.

So here comes the soapbox…..

This May the city council elections will give the people a chance to make the change.



Regarding that other “Hoboken real estate board” – it’s a joke. They WILL take down your post if the moderator disagrees w/ your “assessment” of something. You cannot help but wonder who the heck is behind that board. Truly fishy.


[quote comment=”11905″]As nice as it is that some old guy is writing a novel about the “1995 Atomic Canon” (which I must assume 1995 was a typo), what did that typo ridden letter contribute to Hoboken that anyone cared about? Somehow that justified an entire column while many others were rejected.[/quote]

Geez Billy, did you let Leo out again?

Oh yeah, and Congrats Chris on your first DUI. We’re ALL proud of you.