Hoboken police and fire blotter: 1/12/2011

Hoboken crime and fire action: January 12, 2011

Hoboken police and fire action - Hoboken police and fire blotter: 1/12/2011

Hoboken411 will try and keep a “running tab” of various noteworthy incidents, crimes and fire-calls throughout the day today. This post will be updated and “bumped” periodically.

  • 8:27pm: 126 Bus hits car – injuries reported
    A NJ Transit 126 Bus (#5263) struck a vehicle between 6th and 7th Street – and continued northbound on Washington Street. Injuries were reported, and the police have pulled over the bus at 921 Washington.
  • 12:10pm: Burglary at Eyeshapes Family Care
    A UPS driver notified HPD to say that he found the Eyeshapes Family Care store broken into at 118 Washington Street. Glass shattered in the rear of the store, lights out, “nobody there.” I guess the noise and commotion of snow and plowing gives opportunity to criminals.
  • 11:55am: All in the family
    HPD dispatched to 400 Marshall Drive for a “family dispute.” Since when did we become domestic counselors?
  • 11:45am: Some streets still “impassable”
    Despite the much less challenging nature of our most recent snow event – some streets still have issues in town. HPD reported that 13th Street was “impassable” in areas, as well as 14th Street near Park Avenue with only one lane of traffic flowing. The county was called in to assist.
  • 11:30am: NY Times Disappointed
    Hoboken411 reader Rebecca noticed that the NY Times had a photo of Hoboken in their story about snow in NYC. Did they send a photographer here expecting more Mile Square mishaps? Too bad our reputation precedes us!
    Hoboken snow Photo in New York Times January 12 2011 - Hoboken police and fire blotter: 1/12/2011

See previous entries from today after the jump….

  • 4:30am: Storm done – wrapped up in a hurry – tons of tows
    Well – not sure exactly how much snow we got (7-8″?) – but it’s pretty much done now. Event lasted about 8 hours. Now the city has plenty of time to continue the cleanup. Washington Street is clear (you can see black) – and most side streets are totally driveable. Overheard several dozen cars were towed away (quite possibly well over 100!) They’re down at central garage. The towing wasn’t 100% necessary in this instance. Wonder if they’ll tow for the next bout of flurries? Anything for a buck right? Anyway – be aware of dangling icicles on street lamps. The last thing you’d want is for your day to be ruined as your jugular is punctured.
    Dangerous Hoboken Icicles on street lamps January 12 2011 - Hoboken police and fire blotter: 1/12/2011
  • 3:35am: Trash pickup working just fine!
    If you heard that beeping – that’s Cali Carting picking up the recycling as scheduled. In the middle of the storm, and with crappy road conditions. Wonder why Hoboken Public Schools are closed, and City Hall has a delayed opening?
  • 3:32am: HUMC Disorderly
    HPD told to respond to Hoboken University Medical Center for a “disorderly.” My past observations lead me to believe this involves alcohol once again.
  • 12am – 3:30am: Hoboken still has issues
    Hoboken Police were quite busy managing the streets in town. The Hoboken Parking Utility nowhere to be found. As of 3:30am – the two “out of town” tow-trucks that the Zimmer administration needed to contract out – still haven’t shown up according to HPD. This means the snow emergency routes of 9th Street and 13th Street are still treacherous.

More updates to come throughout the day!

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