Beat the Yuppies

Seems like the old game in town is getting resurrected. Why are people getting so angry?


Boy, 15, charged in assault

wolfpack.jpgThursday, January 25, 2007
HOBOKEN – Police arrested a 15-year-old boy they say was one of a group of teenagers that beat and taunted a man after he attempted to fend off their attempts to snatch a friend’s purse, police reports said.

On Jan. 12, a man and a woman were getting into a car at Ninth and Madison streets at 9:20 p.m. when a group of teenagers ran up and one grabbed the woman’s purse, police reports said.

The man tried to defend her, but he was thrown to the ground and beaten, then taunted, police reports said. In the meantime, however, the woman called 911 and the teenagers ran off.

On Tuesday, cops said, the 15-year-old was at the station on an unrelated matter when police identified him as a member of that group and arrested him on robbery charges.

Police said they expect to arrest up to eight more suspects in connection with incident.

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Animals. Plain and simple!

Trail of Dead
Trail of Dead

I mean, I feel like a “jersey guy”, but if all these fucking thug faggots and bitter, broken down dock workers are gonna give me shit for moving into the neighborhood, fuck it, I’ll just stay where I am.

Yeah dude, you’ll fit right in with the locals. Just change thug and dock worksers to yuppie.

Or better yet, just keep that shit attitude in Queens.


[quote comment=”12086″]I guess it’s a relative thing. I’ve always figured that the attitude is the more important part of the the yuppie equation. Money is obviously part of it, but the false sense of entitlement, the tendency to wear nothing but designer labels and sneer at those who don’t, and the “my shit doesn’t stink” world-view have always been a big part of the yuppie oeuvre.[/quote] ‘Had a friend, way back in high school, who got a whopping 100% raise from $5/hr to $10/hr and an upgraded assistant manager title (fast food) and all the sudden get this same “better than thou” snobby attitude with a feeling of entitlement being that they are the “cream of the crop, losers stay out of my way to the top” – in a high school kind of sense. Wealthy? Uh, if you call the perk of free hamburgers ever night rich, then maybe. For people like him, money brings to surface pre-existing false feelings of superiority over those without. It’s not about the money, it’s about the desperate need for affirmation. At times, this happens to people who grew up with blue collar parents and experience first time wealth as a first generation career person in the family. The shock creates the same effects and the pressumptions run wild of how to act. Enter stage left, the fake British and French accents out of no where. But then, there are those who are very successful who you would have no idea were wealthy.… Read more »


Is the word “yuppie” still used anywhere but Hoboken? I remember hearing it frequently elsewhere in the 80s, but before I moved here five years ago I hadn’t heard it in 10-15 years.


[quote comment=”12091″]Example:

emarche’s nasty rant.


Nasty rant? Explain.