Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets: 1/10/2011


Good morning Hoboken – let’s see what nuggets we have in store for you today!

New Hoboken411 Feature: TWO WORDS

Kicking off a new “Photo of the Day” style feature today entitled “Two Words.”

The concept here is a photograph that (literally and visually) depicts a “slice of Hoboken” – accompanied by my initial TWO WORD caption choice. Readers can feel free to add their own two-word comment as well. With the entire world becoming reduced to minimal communication (i.e., Twitter) – I thought this was a timely and appropriate feature to start. It also challenges the brain a bit to get your whole message across with limited verbiage.

Enjoy one new entry for this feature each day this week – with additional periodic updates going forward. Good Day!

To snow or not to snow: That is the question

The great thing about the weather is – that regardless of how our society as humans evolve – it’s always interesting, and a big news story when conditions become beyond what is ordinary. Additionally, since our species still cannot accurately predict the weather (with 99.8% certainty) more than 6 to 12 hours out – it can be considered a very exciting and challenging part of our lives.

Anyway – a thread for the snow storm expected for the Hoboken, NJ area was created on Saturday – just in case we have another blizzard-like event this Tuesday into Wednesday. Doesn’t look too severe at the moment – but things can change rapidly as Mother Nature and Planet Earth specialize in throwing curveballs.

Cell Phone Trickery

With so many people out there obsessed with their “smart phones” (i.e., letting life pass them by while they stare at a tiny screen) – many might not realize how the cell phone companies trick you with dishonest marketing.

USA Today had an interesting article the other day. Did you know that not one single service marketed as “4G” even meets the qualifications to be 4G?

More Job Talk at Hoboken411!

Another new job / career column starts today as well! Stay tuned!

Have a nice day, Hoboken!

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