Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets: 1/7/2011


TGIF Hoboken!

City goes overboard for mediocre winter snow

Sort of the way an abusive Husband gives lavish, unnecessary gifts to his battered wife after a heated incident – the city of Hoboken now is “very prepared” for the couple inches of snow that is expected today.

Today’s snow can’t even hold a candle to the blizzard we had on Christmas Weekend. The way the city has been operating the past year – I wouldn’t be surprised to see more salt accumulations than snow for this storm!

The city sent out all sorts of useless “warning messages” as if it was the first time any resident has even see a snowflake before. What next? Instructions for walking? (“left, right, left, right”)

I can only imagine how much overtime Dawn Zimmer’s administration racked up composing this over-blown message (and the pallets of Advil for the headaches they got.)

Hoboken411 Note: However, like I mentioned before, the next couple weeks have an “active winter pattern” for the Northeast – with three potentially much bigger storms possible – one as early as this coming Wednesday! So stay tuned!

Useless Hoboken Press Releases about 2 inches of snow amazing - Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets: 1/7/2011

How does this Hoboken Car Crash happen?

Last night around 11pm – this car crashed into the fence at 15th Street and Sinatra in the northeast corner of Hoboken. Can someone explain the physics here?

No matter what direction the car was going – if it slipped on the icy pavement – how did it end up on the inside of the curve with the front facing outward? Doesn’t seem to make sense to me!

car crash at 15th and Sinatra in Hoboken NJ January 6 2011 - Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets: 1/7/2011

Have a nice day and weekend, Hoboken!

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Saturday, January 8, 2011 4:17 am

It wasn’t a car crash. I was walking my dog and watched this nonsense. The guy was drunk and parked in the lot. He drove through the fence trying to get out of the parking lot. But, he got stuck on the large snow pile in front of the chain linked fence. He tried to dig his car out but, was unable to do it. So, he called a tow truck for help. About the same time every cop in Hoboken showed up and gave the guy a soberity test which he failed. And, they arrested him.

Friday, January 7, 2011 10:40 am

I was just out walking around, and did see a truck salting Washington St, which is nice. However, it would be even nicer if they salted the side streets that don’t organically stay as clear b/c the traffic isn’t as heavy.

Also, HEY BUSINESSES ON WASH ST…. SALT YOUR DAMN SIDEWALKS!!! It’s already sticking pretty well, and almost nobody had put anything down. Major Kudos to Hummus Bar, though! I don’t even think they are open for business yet, and their sidewalk was completely clear.

Friday, January 7, 2011 10:21 am

Car crash probably happened like this: slip, over-reaction, dry pavement, slip, crash.

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