Soul Joel Comedy Night: January 21st


Winning Joke

The free tickets contest is over (all tickets given away). Here’s the winning joke:

“During a City Council Meeting a resident asked Ravi Bhalla. “Isn’t it true,” he asked, “that you accepted a ten thousand dollars bribe to pass the park fee ordinance?”

Ravi stared out the window, as though he hadn’t hear the question.

“Isn’t it true that you accepted ten thousand dollars pass the ordinance?” the resident repeated. Ravi still did not respond.

Finally Dawn Zimmer looked over and said, “Ravi, please answer the question.”

“Oh,” the startled Ravi said, “I thought he was talking to you.”

New location for Soul Joel Comedy: Willie McBrides

Seems like the fun-run at the Monroe Center for the BYOB Soul Joel Comedy Night is over. “Occupancy issues” and other snags have caused the stand-up comedy show to find another home for the time being.

The next few shows will be held at Willie McBrides (616 Grand Street) – and now can be considered “BYOM” (bring your own money) or “DDAAD” (don’t drink at all dummy).

The cost of the comedy shows are $20 – but do include two free drinks.

Here’s the comedian lineup for Friday, January 21st (8pm):

Call (201)610-1522 or email for reservations!

Want free tickets to the show?

Hoboken411 has three pairs of tickets for this show. All tickets given out – sorry!

Oh – and here’s a youtube clip from one of the comedians – Leah Bonnema:

Enjoy the show!

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I don’t know Meghan, but Thomas and Leah are hysterical. This is sure to be a great show!