Hoboken Robbing Residents (proof)

2/17/2011 Update:

No snow, so what is the excuse now?

Hoboken has been stealing from residents – doling out tickets when no actual street cleaning work has been done (sweeper, plow or otherwise).

Now that the snow is gone – what is their excuse for issuing tickets? The fact that it’s still winter? No street cleaning has been done in the places I checked – but summonses were still given.

If they’re afraid to use the actual equipment – the least they could do is send those guys with the pails and brooms out… but nah – why tidy up the streets when you can just clean out the wallets of residents instead?

See previous robbery photos and video – after the jump!

2/11/2011 Update:

Proof that Hoboken steals from residents

I spotted the Hoboken City Burglars out in action yesterday, and snapped photos and videos. Check out the short clip below.

  1. The ticket scooter issued tickets, and the Hoboken “plow” followed.
  2. The plow “pretended” to clean – even going through the motions of lowering the plow. Didn’t remove an ounce of snow.
  3. This was a waste of taxpayer funded fuel for the plow.
  4. This was a waste of taxpayer funded employee salary (when he could have been doing other things.)
  5. The city once again robbed residents without providing any service whatsoever.

2/10/2011 Update:

A couple brilliant HPU updates for you this morning… I’ll tell you one thing, the list of disgruntled residents is longer than the eye can see!

City cannot get act together; still tickets for nothing

Hoboken411 reader ejm26 sent this letter in – along with some photos:

“The city (and Parking Authority) strikes again !

Here are some photos from 13th Street between Bloomfield & Garden. “Street Cleaning Alternate Parking.” Lots of tickets, no cleaning, no snow removal, no plowing, no warning. Nothing on the city site. Note the 4 foot (was 7 feet) pile of snow and the trash on the street. OK, no problem moving cars if there is going to be snow removal or street cleaning. The only snow removed on 13th Street was by the residents so they could park their cars !

So the city declares that they will enforce alternate side parking but they don’t feel obligated to remove snow or clean.”

HPU: Hypocritical Parking Utility?

Not sure what to say about this one – sort of leads back to the Hoboken Doesn’t Follow Own Parking Laws post from the other day. But 411 reader “Had Enough” sent this photo of an “HPU Employee who blocks the crosswalk with his own personal car to walk around and give others tickets…”

Hoboken HPU breaks law to uphold law

1/29/2011 Update:

Added some photos of the plowing action from Hoboken411 readers Mike and J.P. (Thanks guys!)

Move your car!

Emergency plowing on 1st, 3rd, and 4th this weekend…

Attention drivers who are parked (or who plan to park) anywhere on First, Third and Fourth Streets this weekend. Note that the Hoboken Police Chief has enacted a state of emergency for the streets listed below – and starting at 9am on the listed days – want drivers to move their cars to allow for plowing.

Failure to do so will result (in no particular order) in: ticket, tow, hassle, headache, monetary depletion, hatred of government, hatred of Mother Nature, fantasies of warm weather, beaches, drinks with umbrellas, sharp razor blades, and pink elephants.

And don’t forget the potential for more snow next week!

First StreetSaturday starting at 9am: Both Sides
Third StreetSaturday starting at 9am: Both Sides
Fourth StreetSunday starting at 9am: Both Sides


Not paying attention? You will be towed in Hoboken!

Read the signs and avoid the headaches…

Putting the debate aside whether it’s right, wrong, done in the past, or necessary at all – the city has long had a published ordinance (as well as visible street signage) that indicates specific “Snow Emergency Routes” that should not have cars parked on them during winter storms like last night (and until the roads are 100% cleared.)

If you’re too busy futzing with your smartphone – then why not just text this information to yourself so you’ll have it a place you’re comfortable with.

Washington StreetBoth Sides
Willow AvenueWest Side: Observer Hwy to 11th Street
3rd StreetNorth Side: Jackson Street to River Street
4th StreetSouth Side: River Street to Jackson Street
5th StreetSouth Side: Clinton Street to Hudson Street
13th StreetNorth Side: Washington Street to Willow Avenue

Towing on Hoboken Snow Emergency Routes

Street Cleaning back in effect on Friday

Even though there will be NO STREET CLEANERS active tomorrow – the city still plans to ticket you if you’re parked on a Friday side of the street. The city claims they want to plow the snow away. Not only that (and I think this is 100% wrong) – you’ll likely get a ticket – even if the plow is nowhere to be found (see proof of that – after the jump.)

Better idea:
Take a look at Hudson Street as an example. Street cleaning is normally on Fridays from 10-11am – 15th Street to Observer Highway.

There is no way in hell they can plow and remove all the snow along that 1.4 mile stretch of road in 60 minutes. Unless, of course they have a massive crew of 15 plows, 15 dump trucks all operating simultaneously. That would come at great taxpayer expense – and shut the entire east side of town down.

So why doesn’t the city administration determine what they can realistically plow during those 60 minutes instead? Maybe two blocks? Three? Take the time to notify residents to move their cars ahead of time – affix temporary no-parking signs in the empty spots tonight – and so on.

They shouldn’t bite off more than they can chew – and punishing residents when no work was done is downright wrong. Signs posted or not.


Hoboken City Hall robs residents blind!

Street cleaning regulations in Hoboken. It’s essentially an agreement between the city and residents who park on the street.

City Hall: “We’d like to keep the streets clean once a week. We just ask that you keep this street clear for an hour a week so we can do our job.”

You, the resident: “OK, sounds fair. If you clean, I’ll move the car to make way for the sweeper. If I don’t hold my end of the bargain, I’ll pay the $45 penalty.”

City takes from you; does not hold their end of bargain

Both yesterday and today – residents were being ticketed even though NO STREET CLEANING TOOK PLACE. This is 100% theft.

For as long as I can remember, city hall never cleaned the streets until all the snow was gone. Just can’t happen. The only roads they can ticket or tow you on are the Emergency Snow Routes.

I’d recommend that anyone that received a summons for street cleaning – fight it in court. Just to send a message that you will not be robbed by the inept individuals keeping the seats warm all day at city hall.

Blatant theft hurts more than residents

Not only does the penalty hurt the residents who received tickets (either by loss of money or time fighting the summons in court) – this also hurts the local economy as well. Less money to spend in shops and restaurants across town. A trickle down effect that benefits no one.

The city is poorly run, and it’s obvious they need your money badly. So bad that they’re willing to back-stab you and not hold their end of the bargain. You can all thank parking director Ian Sacs for this thievery. While the city roads are falling to pieces, they just pick-pocket you left and right.

For what? More money for bike lane paint?

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Friday, February 18, 2011 9:20 am

Can someone please tell me why our town looks like When can we expect our sanitation department, street cleaners or city hall to start picking up the mess around this place. It’s disgusting.

Thursday, February 17, 2011 9:19 pm

“no actual street cleaning work has been done (sweeper, plow or otherwise).”

Sorry, you are wrong. I personally saw the plow (and yes, the blade was down) following the scooter on Park Ave Monday afternoon (p.s., the scooter driver didn’t write any tickets), and also the 4 foot pile of snow on my block of Bloomfield that was there Tuesday morning was plowed away by Tuesday night.

Reply to  mimsy
Friday, February 18, 2011 9:16 am

There was some half ass minor plowing done on my street this past week on Tuesday, too. So now there are giant ice glaciers pushed up in some areas. [quote comment=”203516″]“no actual street cleaning work has been done (sweeper, plow or otherwise).”Sorry, you are wrong. I personally saw the plow (and yes, the blade was down) following the scooter on Park Ave Monday afternoon (p.s., the scooter driver didn’t write any tickets), and also the 4 foot pile of snow on my block of Bloomfield that was there Tuesday morning was plowed away by Tuesday night.[/quote]

Reply to  homeworld
Friday, February 18, 2011 2:18 pm

home world..question on last wednsday 16th can you answer why alternate pkg rules were in effect when a scooter passed washington st and issued summons when there was not a drop of snow on the ground in 60% weather.?bty there was no sweeper behind the cushman?? signal and traffic claims it was for snow removel..right???[quote comment=”203533″]There was some half ass minor plowing done on my street this past week on Tuesday, too. So now there are giant ice glaciers pushed up in some areas. [/quote]

Friday, February 11, 2011 2:41 pm

I have no problem with ticketing if you are cleaning, but hey give some notice when cleaning is suspended. With alll the communications and backpatting going on by the parking authority – the City does not use the twitter account or web site to let residents know. When I have inquired into a notification they say oh just call us. Then they have you put on the line with the sanitiation department and they let you know.

Friday, February 11, 2011 1:30 pm

Homeworld, I’m with you. Why can’t people take responsibility for themselves? The signs say you have to move your cars at specific times on specific days, not that hard to understand. How is the City supposed to remove the remaining piles of snow – WHICH WILL OPEN UP MORE PARKING SPACES – if people ignore the posted parking laws and just leave their cars? You deserve the tickets.

To say this is “robbery” is ridiculous.

Friday, February 11, 2011 11:59 am

The city has been pulling this scam all over town. They tell us we have to move our cars for plowing, and even when everybody follows the instructions they don’t bother to plow! The rule used to be if they couldn’t sweep the streets because of snow you wouldn’t get a ticket. Now Mayor Zimmer says we need to move our cars so they can plow, but they don’t plow! They just give tickets! WTF?

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