New Year: Same Idiotic Drunks in Hoboken


Below are some classic Hoboken examples of nonsensical incidents during the New Year celebration this past weekend.

Hoboken police and fire action

Nosy Nitwit gets involved and goes to hospital

(1): Here’s exactly why you never poke around in the business of others. A Hoboken drunk who regularly visits the Madison Bar noticed a fight break out during the New Year’s celebration. He decides to step in and “assist” bouncers, even though it’s not his responsibility. The bouncer then allegedly threw the “good Samaritan idiot” to the ground like a rag-doll, where he busted his forehead open and needed medical attention for his bloody wound. Naturally, with tail between his legs – the bleeding bozo didn’t press charges

411’s take:You go to a bar to enjoy drinks. What was this buffoon thinking?

Shirtless Bloody Havoc Downtown

(2): These next two incidents are strange. One, at around 2:20am on New Years Day – on Park Ave. between 1st and 2nd, an 18 year old male was apparently just randomly punched in the neck by some “shirtless 6′ male, goatee and blood all over his chest.” The man proceeded to walk down Park, and the kid didn’t request medical attention.

Just minutes later at the corner of 1st and Park – a resident phoned police to report that a man with the same “bloody” description was banging on his door. By the time police arrived, the man had fled the scene. Cops later catch up with the bloody man (a 30 year old Linden, NJ resident) near 2nd and Willow – who was “highly intoxicated” and “didn’t know where he was.” Another witness saw him attempting to enter a black 2005 Ford Explorer. The car was covered with blood, inside and out. That vehicle belonged to a female resident of Linden – and was later covered with “crime scene tape.”

The bloody man – who couldn’t recall how he got his injuries, had scratches on his face and chest, a bite mark on his left shoulder, and deep cut on his wrist, and a fractured index finger. No charges were filed while the case is still under investigation.

411’s take:Just looking at the evidence – sounds like a domestic dispute – and the girl won!

New Years Crimes 2011 Hoboken NJ

Snowball Mystery Tour

(3): Early New Years Day – a 30 year old Hoboken girl walks into Police Headquarters to report her car missing. She said that earlier in the morning, her, her sister and some friends were driving down 1st Street, when their car was pelted by snowballs thrown from a group of 10 guys. They pull over the car – and 3 of the 4 girls confront the drunken men, while one girl remained in the back seat sleeping. After an altercation left one girl with a black eye – they notice the car was missing. Hoboken Police report the missing car over the state radio airwaves, and ask T-Mobile for “location pinging” assistance to track the whereabouts of the odd-girl-out.

Shortly thereafter, they find the girl safely at home in Hoboken – however, never really found out where the car was – or if it was actually stolen. Next!

411’s take:You should thank your lucky stars you don’t have to deal with the nonsense the HPD has to on a daily basis.

Other odds and ends for the New Year

  • (4): Out of towners bash each other at 8th and Willow. At around 3am – a 30 year-old Denville man was beat up by a group of men and sent to the hospital. One 25 year-old Newark, NJ resident was arrested and charged with assault.
  • (5): More group beatings at 1st and Jackson. At around 2:30am – a 32 year-old Hoboken male was reported to have been attacked by a group of 5 males. Unsure, but it certainly sounds like it could have been the same people as #4 – but no actors were found for this case.
  • (6): Domestic Violence has no holidays. A run of the mill domestic violence call over custody of a child at 310 Marshall Drive. Add New Year’s drinking and presto – fists fly.
  • (7): Assault – “city style.” Police respond to a call for an assault in progress at 301 Marshall Drive at close to midnight. They find a 45 year old Hoboken resident of 6th and Marshall bleeding from the nose and lips. The victim refused to identify his assailant – saying he’d “handle the situation himself.” Police noticed a strong odor of booze, and advised against taking the law in his own hands – but the victim still didn’t reveal who attacked him. He was treated at HUMC. (411 Note – we’ll probably hear more about this incident of potential retribution soon…)

Have a nice & safe day, Hoboken!

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