Reader Mail: Sidewalk Benches

I always wondered about these things myself. Certainly is kind of silly, since the ones in question aren’t even bus stops! At least turn half of them around!

From Hoboken411 reader “Trail of Dead”:

“Hi 411,

One simple thing that could make Washington Street way more fun… flip the wooden benches around, so they are facing the sidewalk, not the street.

Hoboken is a great people-watching place in the summer, but have you ever sat on those lame ass benches eating an ice cream, and you’re knees are up against a car door? It’s absolutely retarded! All the city would have to do is flip them around facing the sidewalk, and maybe install some more. People could actually hang out on Washington!”

Not only that, the illegally parked vehicles typically ruin any chance of sitting there normally.


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There’s a reason it’s called a side WALK. Let me spell it out…It not a side bike or a side skate board. Get it?


[quote comment=”11763″]suggestions do not = complaints[/quote]

in an different topic someone complained about the benches at the Maxwell Place Park.


As someone with tunnel vision bikes on the sidewalk are a pet peeve. They don’t care how close the come to someone when they pass you from behind. Makes me wish the Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired had given me a white cane I could jam into their spokes.


as per the bike riding on the sidwalk issue.
It is Illegal to ride your bike on the sidewalk.
bike riding is permitted in the street only.
Sure the street is a dangerous place to ride.
If you want safe, move to the suburbs. Otherwise get off of the sidewalk.

Trail of Dead
Trail of Dead

submitter is 6’3.