Time for a global reality check!

Below is a post I wrote in full exactly five years ago. It was never published. Found it in the heaping pile of unpublished work we have saved here. My thoughts remain the same. (2017 edits or additions appear in green bold).


You probably do NOT want to read this article

Hoboken411 has prepared an article that sensible people should read, digest, understand, research, and put into perspective. It’s about your future and my future. It’s about the state of our society (Hoboken and WAY beyond) – and what may or may not come to fruition one day.

However, if you’re the type so submersed in your social networks, prime time television (or streaming) viewing, and believing what the mainstream media tells you – then please do not read further. There is probably nothing that will help you, and once you wake up – it’ll be too late anyway. So go admire Paula Abdul (or whatever the current celebrity du jour is) – and let the rest of the (remaining) sensible individuals see what I have to say. Have a nice day!

Important Message to earthlings: Get back to reality!

looking back - Time for a global reality check!There will be a day in the not too distant future – that you look back at this article and say one of two things: “You called it 411 – glad I listened (or already knew)” OR “Damn, why didn’t I listen to that muthafucka? What am I gonna do now?”

My message to anyone that is caught up in the trivial distractions peppered throughout the world – You better check yo’ self before you wreck yo’ self!

Let me ramble off a list of (to most of you: seemingly random) things – and I’ll explain what they mean in a bit – if you have the attention span to follow along:

Celebrity, Trends, Twitter, Facebook, Kardashian, Television, Media, Popular, American Idol, Lemmings, Brainwashed, Sheeple, Ponzi Scheme, Sex, Glamour, Hot, Socialism, Propaganda, Money, Control, Net Worth, Gold Standard, Global Governance, Federal Reserve, Reality, Victims, Blindsided, Unprepared, Sad, Elite, Progressive, Doom.

What do those words mean?

Well – for one, many of those terms are exactly what is wrong with our society today. Some by design, others not.

Whether you know (or believe) it or not – the American “Dream” cannot continue much longer without drastic changes. The United States Government (and their global conspirators) have somehow successfully delayed the inevitable for quite some time. However, due to the “destined to fail” structure of their framework – the crap will hit the fan eventually. I’ll try to simplify as best as I can…

You see – the American REPUBLIC – when it was created – was a damn revolutionary concept. With controls (The Constitution), that would prevent the government from taking too much power, too much money (the IRS was formed only 98 (103) years ago under Woodrow Wilson – douchebag), and many other seriously thought-out methods that would allow this new country to prosper and maintain glory for thousands of years to come.

carlin american dream - Time for a global reality check!

If you do not know; you really should watch these

For one – you need to understand the psychological effect of marketing (Public Relations) on the general populous. One good video to watch is below, entitled “Psywar: Psychological Propaganda.” It’s a very interesting piece on how the “press release” came to be, and how pretty much 99% of advertisements are modeled after these days. Another piece you should most certainly find the time for is “The Century of Self” – which aired on BBC a few years ago – and is next to impossible to buy on DVD for your own private consumption and dissemination. You can see it (for the time being) on Google Video here (it is now available on YouTube as we linked…)

What these videos teach you is that – our global population is easily influenced. Whether by money, sex, popularity, or even human desire – there are genius psychologists out there contributing to marketing messages inundating you on a daily basis. You can also thank those focus groups that voluntarily give them honest data for just $75 bucks and some free samples.

(Note there are many videos out there these days. Most sound great but often fall short… For many different reasons. Some send you on a “goose chase” deliberately (misinformation), some have just enough truth – but leave out the most important parts, and many others are also flat-out fake. Also, one good tip is to remind yourself about how those who won the wars – tell the stories.)

But hey; we are only 240 years old!

Ain’t that a bitch! The United States of America is on the road to ruins – so soon (in historical terms) after it’s “creation.” How the hell is that possible?

Well, it’s possible for two of many reasons: Greed & Control.

Keep the populous uneducated, ignorant and distracted

greed and control - Time for a global reality check!If you’re the type obsessed with Farmville on Facebook, or American Idol on TV, or People Magazine on the Bus, then you need to slap yourself with a freezing bag of rocks now. This is by design, and where they want you to be.

The “controllers” of society WANT you to NOT focus on the system – but rather your innate human desires (stuff, consumption, entertainment – as well as fear and submission). This keeps you very busy in more ways than one. Not only do you waste hours consuming mindless TV shows – but you probably also watch the socially-conditioned commercials too. Then you spend more hours sharing your worthless opinions with other lemmings about the dim-witted TV show you just watched. You have a very strong opinion about that doofus contestant on American Idol, don’t you? Why is that? Can’t you think of a better use of your time?

Now I’ll definitely play devil’s advocate here. Sure – it’s human to want to be “entertained” and so on, but take a look around you. We have 300+ channels of mind-numbing entertainment pretty much for each and every demographic out there. The muscleheads (cage fighting), the monster truck red-necks, the superficial & gossip-hounds (VH1, E!, MTV), even the somewhat capable nerds & scholars (TLC, NatGeo, etc.) There is so much PASSIVE activity out there – and very well produced, and quite frankly interesting and enticing too – that our collective population has stopped creating and does nothing more that CONSUME.

How do you combat this epidemic of zombies?

I’ll rattle off a random list of ways you can get off your ass, and start adding net worth to this country:

  • Learn a skill. It can be anything. Music, Dance, Construction, Art, Sports, Technology, Photography, Video, Finance, Cooking, Language, Gardening, Organization, etc. Become an EXPERT.
  • Once you have honed your skills – share them with others. Teach if you can. Learn from others as well.
  • Disconnect from your concerns about what others are doing. Focus on your core abilities. At the same time, strengthen your close friendships, you direct family circle, and even diversify as well.
  • Develop a network of (trusted) diverse, skilled friends. Become close to them. Have a battle plan “just in case.” But also enjoy the fruits of their labor and yours. Share real things (food, etc.) rather than web links.
  • Drop the superficial, material people in your life. Seriously. Life is more than status, pecking order, perception. It’s about core worth. Can you hold your weight in a time of crisis? Seriously. Ask yourself what you’d do if there was a massive terror attack or a month without electricity or water. Would you step up, or cry because you don’t have cell service?

You cannot fix this problem without drastic changes

Here’s the crappy bit of news. Our Ponzi Scheme government and monetary system frankly cannot be “corrected” without drastic changes. Unless the government QUICKLY tries to reverse the “bleeding,” we are collectively destined for failure. Spending has to STOP. Government earmarks for useless endeavors must stop. Padding the pockets of the elite and influential has to stop. Handouts to the inept have to stop. People have to get off their asses and contribute something! Do you see all those “poor” people with 52″ plasma LCD TV’s? And no jobs? How the hell is that possible? Why do they feel they’re worthy of government handouts?

Part of the problem is the fact that they’ve been practically bred to feel they deserve it. It’s what socialism breeds. They don’t comprehend the phrase “pulling your weight” or “Darwinism” or “The strongest survive.”

(More accurately – the whole entire thing (the world as we know it) is a scam for the privileged insiders. Talk about stuff like “government spending” is, in essence, low-hanging fruit. We need to take many steps in reverse. Draining the swamp – but sensibly and honestly. Way too complex for discussion here.)

we the people - Time for a global reality check!

The founding fathers were right; Progressives ruined it

To sum it up – when the Founding Fathers created the United States of America (a Republic) – they painstakingly drafted the Constitution to PREVENT the very damaging things that are happening now in our government. However, little by little, those (quite brilliant) declarations were chipped away, amended, added to and so on… to water down the power of the document. Now you have the Federal Administration practically trying to kill capitalism, bailing out some (corrupt) banks, and not others – controlling things way beyond your comprehension.

(Again – the American “experiment” was eroding just a few years after it was created.)

Comes down to some fairly serious stuff actually

After educating myself for the past few years – and trying to put the whole global debacle into perspective – I’m honestly a bit concerned (maybe even nervous or frightened).

Why? Because human beings, just like any mammal on planet earth – are still animals. We kill without logic, have a (probably way too powerful) brain, sometimes do the right thing, sometimes do the wrong thing. It’s kind of scary to think of 6 7 billion human mammals on this sphere we call home – so unknowing of the universe and our origins – continually on the cutting edge of something new. We’re moving at such a break-neck pace, and often for selfish, irrational reasons… that anyone that puts it all into perspective might start getting worried.

What does this all mean to you?

That question above is very honest.

Did you read the article? Put it into perspective? Have an opinion?

Do you care about the future of your kids? Your grandkids? Their kids? And so on?

Do you live in the present without any concern whatsoever for what (may) come to fruition?

Do you care to learn about history? Do you easily identify spin or misinterpretation of the truth? Can you tell what propaganda and marketing is?

Do you know what you stand for in the long run?

Anything else?

Well – now that you asked, sure – why not? Below are a few points you can run by yourself. Your mileage may vary.

Seriously think long and hard about the net gain you achieve from social networking. Sure, the number one “reason” for justifying your countless hours wasted usually is “I got in touch with long-lost friends…” But before you jam that opinion into the ballot box – ask yourself this: Really? Is that it? What else are you mindlessly browsing on Facebook? Vacation photos from distant friends? Getting a chubby from some big-boobed broad you don’t stand a chance with? Competing for something that means zero in the real (physical) world? Have you for a second thought about how that relates to life away from your LCD screen?

Take the headphones out, look someone in the eyes, shake a hand. One of the remaining human things we have left is physical interaction. Do you ever walk around Hoboken at one of the two rush hours a day? Take notice at how many folks are absorbed in either: Texting, listening to crappy music or talking on the phone. A man covered in tar & feathers could walk by and they’d probably not notice it. Do you want that to be you?

(Narcissism and over-confidence at an all time high.)

Herd mentality: Follow the leader, sort of

herd mentality - Time for a global reality check!The problem with social media is – that say you have an initial opinion (in your physical brain). Got that? You think one thing or another. You’re not sure whether to communicate that thought just yet… however, it still was your initial synaptic response.

Then – some over-zealous dip-shit on (insert social network here) who is insanely more “popular” than you has a DIFFERING opinion – and every other lemming agrees, follows along – and you feel kind of lame disagreeing. So you either lie and agree with (“Mr. Popular”) or you don’t say anything at all. I bet anything that happens DAILY and millions of times DAILY on these social prisons. That’s a huge problem in my opinion. Because many people are downright afraid to be against “popular grain.” And it’s quite sad in fact.

People adjust themselves to be so-called “socially accepted,” rather than “genuine.” No one wants to be the dissenting viewpoint (I should say “most” don’t…) but either way, it’s the minority of the population (both online and off) that are firm enough in their true beliefs to speak out. (Those people today either get labeled “tin foil” or lumped into “fake news.)

Again, quite sad.

I do not know how to fix this myself. It’s up to the individual really. They can learn, evolve, advance – however, there are so many impediments in their way, that this one post will likely change nothing. (However, as more people express similar opinions – the tide will change.)

Warning signs aren’t enough for most folks. The need TSTHTF in order to finally wake up.

Very interested in where we will go from here. Maybe the Trump administration will “reset” things and send enough ripples around to give us a fighting chance at regaining integrity. When it’s common that “assassination” talks about Trump are commonplace – something is seriously screwed up. That alone should be enough to see something is dreadfully wrong.

Have a nice new year!

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