Parking Spot Snow Squatters!


Did anyone get their garage spots snatched up during the Hoboken blizzard?

Hoboken Parking Spot Snow Squatter - Parking Spot Snow Squatters!

Snow Squatter nicks parking spot in Hoboken

“So here’s a first in over a decade of renting a garage spot in Hoboken (at the Grand Adams) – I arrived home from being trapped in South Jersey during Snowmaggedon to find someone parked in our spot! Is this some sort of snow storm squatters rights thing that has happened to other people in Hoboken? Were garages letting people with outdoor/uncovered spots squat in vacant spots? And what do you do if it happens on a weekend?

All I’ve been able to find out is that since it’s a private garage the cops can’t do anything, but were helpful and said all I need is to show Hoboken Towing a copy of the lease and they can tow. But on a weekend, we’re basically on hold (our lease is safe in our office. Rethinking that one!). I’m hoping I’ll wake up and little CT license plate #(redacted) will no longer be there, and/or the management company will be back in the office to help out (I’m sure they’ll help us), but I couldn’t help but send along the photo to Hoboken 411. To me, this is far more ballsy than the people who don’t pick up their dog poop!”

Update: Laura said that the car remained – even 36 hours later!

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Something like this happened to me a few weeks back.

I’m in an outdoor lot. One day I spend a couple of hours digging out my car and cutting a channel to the one area that was plowed.

I left for a few hours and came back to a silver Hyundai SUV in my spot. Oh that’s nice – what an entitled POV – “I’ll just park in this nicely dug out spot left for ME. Tee hee!”

I had a similar “where’s my lease doc?” moment. I found it a couple of days later and by then the squatter was gone. Now the lease is in my glove box and MS Towing is in my cell phone address book.

In any event I just can’t understand the mindset that believes it’s perfectly OK to just park for A FEW DAYS in someone else’s paid spot.


Well, the car is FINALLY out of our spot! Thanks Hoboken411. 🙂 This is the story, as far as we know: The squatter parks in our garage BUT has an uncovered spot. So apparently when the snow started falling, s/he decided to move into our covered spot. And stay in it for TEN DAYS. Grand Adams put us in a temporary spot yesterday, and tonight when we got home the car was finally gone.


Nothing 4 flats and a giant sticker crazy glued to the front windshield can solve that says NO PARKING ASSHOLE! Want to bet $100 they won’t be back?


The useless City of Hoboken website had this notice posted for Tuesday, January 4, 2011: Enforcement of alternate side street parking regulations will resume on Tuesday, January 4th so that plows can continue to clear parking lanes of snow. Street cleaning operations will resume once sufficient snow has been removed from the road.

They goofed again. They only were plowing snow emergency routes so everyone that moved to have the streets plowed got misinformation again!