La Gloria de Mexico

la-gloria-pic.gifThis is part of the “get out of Hoboken” series, and we owe today’s review to loyal Hoboken411 reader, “bmac”. Thanks for the comprehensive review! I only wish I had the time (or the smarts) to be so thorough. 411 will be visiting soon enough, and add a viewpoint as well as some pictures.

Authentic and affordable Mexican restaurant.
Services: See review below.
Address: 602 Palisades Avenue, Jersey City, 07307
Telephone: 201-239-0987
Menu: Click HERE to download or view

How to get there:
drive up the 14th street viaduct, turn left. Turn right at Patterson Plank, then make an immediate left onto Palisade Ave (careful, traffic goes in both directions on this narrow street). The restaurant is a small storefront on the corner, about one long block up on the left side. Plenty of on-street parking when I went on a week night. Travel time — minimal from uptown Hoboken; just get past the gas stations and you’re home free.

See the review below!


A cozy little neighborhood joint that would be right at home in Queens or a cleaner, friendlier version of Manhattan. The proprietor was a nice man of about 50, completely fluent in English. A few tables, the smooth jazz station playing on the radio, minimal Mexico-kitchy things like the obligatory calendar and a Mary of Guadalupe in the back, but overall, just a nice neighborhood joint. (Not a fast food joint.) Did not appear to have a liquor license. BYO?

The order

I ordered a trio of mixed tacos, trio of sopes (?) (special this night, homemade tortilla/pancake with toppings), duo of quesadillas and duo of tamales. Price: $30. Enough food for me, wife and wife’s mother, with a tamale and quesadilla remaining for leftovers. Some chorizo, some carnitas (pork), some beef.


Genuine home cookin’. Apparently all cooked to order (except the tamales). I prefered the carnitas. Mild. Mexican, not Tex-Mex. Most items had a vaguely soapy flavor, which is authentic, from the real cilantro used therein.


Each taco is a pair of soft white corn tortillas wrapped around approx. 1/6 lb. of meat. (Authentic, based on my experiences.) Give it a squirt of fresh lime juice and some red salsa (not the chunky American stuff (which is closer to pico de gallo), more like a runny sauce made from mild chiles).


A bit of meat, black bean, white cheese (cortija? fresco?), and salad on a flour tortilla/pancake, about the diameter of a medium hamburger bun and cooked on the spot.


A little overcooked, prepared in banana leaves. Large. One green w/ pork (in the fridge for tomorrow), one red with chicken. OK, not bad.


Carnitas was my favorite meat. Portions were adequate but not huge. Prices are low enough to order enough other stuff to fill up. (For example, tamales are very inexpensive.) Tastes like home cooking. Not earth shattering, but genuine, fill you up, goodness.

The verdict

Definitely worth getting again, trying stuff from the real dinner menu (moles, rellenos, stuff like that). Not American Tex-Mex, so don’t expect a monster Mission Burrito or a plate of nachos with black olives and sour cream. Similar to Charritos crossed with a taqueria, but without Charrito’s high prices, or Baja’s crowds and loud music. Also more down-home than Charritos or Baja. This is the joint to go to when you want to eat and talk at a low price, not yell and walk out $50 lighter in the wallet. Looking forward to an excuse to try other items off the menu.

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Pickled G
Pickled G


This place gets 0.5/5 stars from me, and the reason they get 0.5 is because they have a website. Anyway, so not only did they get my order wrong and put chicken in my food, when I am vegetarian… when I called an complained about it, they actually said they were going to call me back – did NOT call me back to refund/swap my food. I was so frustrated as I was starving and $10 short. Needless to say, quality can not be expected when people don’t speak English and communicate but are eager for tips.

I would advise anyone to avoid this place at all times, because not only does their delivery suck… the place looks like a dump. If you went in, you wouldn’t know if the water is clean.

Hope I was able to save you before they pissed you off.
Angry and Hungry.


You have to know what to order and what not to in a highly authentic mexican place like Gloria. First rule- don’t expect plump white meat chicken. You want to stick with things real Mexicans eat like chorizo tacos and their Chilaquiles- which is better than Charritos and half the price. I only tried their carnitas once and it was terrible. They have generally superior tamales. But I have had some so so quality when it was delivered. And one thing you always have to worry about with this place is they may well give you something else if what you ordered is out- and not even tell you- which is just as well because even if you speak Spanish you will have trouble understanding them. When you eat there (and can easily reject a dish you didn’t order if it looks bad) its still the best thing you can walk to from Boken for Mexican.

But…..BUT….the best tacos you will ever have this coast, and frankly ones that would be superios in my hometown of San Diego…can be found in Jersey City at a glorious little place called Taqueria. THis is a bit nicer and cleaner than Gloria, but similarly super authentic. Chicken tacos? No. Cactus tacos? Check. Nachos or Fajitas? No. Ethereal Carnitas tacos? Check.;FullCity=Downtown%20Jersey%20City

kooky kat

Since Mia’s is now closed, I decided to give this place a try a couple of weeks ago. I was not a fan, of course I may not know the difference between the “real” mexican,/mexican and the fake East LA/Baja. I always felt like Mia’s was so fresh and delicious, this felt scuzzy. Of course, maybe that’s real mexican?

Anyway, I probably won’t go back. The people were VERY nice, I am also not a big fan of dark chicken meat either, and that was ALL that was in the enchiladas and the quesadillas, AND the burrito (not all for me of course!) lol

The guac was good, but that also wasn’t as good as mine (as I previously commented about Mia’s.)


It brings me no pleasure to report two so so deliveries in a row. Talking about the food only. The chorizo tacos were as always great. But we had some unacceptably bad carnitas tacos. It was reconzably carnitas really. It was mainly little pieces of hairy fat really. The pieces of actual pork that we did find were not tender at all, as carnitas must be. We threw them all away, something I almost never do. Also we had sub-par carne asada tacos, which is being kind. The meat was of suspect quality- salty and again too tough. Two bad carnitas experiments in a row, and all of the sudden this place isn’t what I thought it was. I am going to take a break from them for a while because we sure felt ripped off today.


After finding about this place, we decided to try the breakfast on Sunday. Unfortunately, the place doesn’t really open until after 10:30am (owner was just lifting the metal window covers at that time). Instead, we tried the delivery service. After a short 30 minute wait, a guy showed up on a bike with our order. We ordered the chicken tacos, tamale sampler, guacamole, and quesadillas. Everything was delicious. The guacamole is mildly spicy with a tad more cilantro than most, and excellent – none of that unripened taste. The tacos were authentic as were the tamales. The pair of chicken quesadillas were a notch above most – flavorful, unlike many that I’ve tried elsewhere.

We’ve added these guys to our regular circuit.