Yes: The next Hoboken water main break!

1/4/2011 Update:

Water Main to nowhere?

Hoboken411 reader Brian also poked around at this water main break – and sounds like someone either forgot to update the map – or there’s some fishy business with these water pipes!

“They dug up the street expecting to find a 12” broken water main but found a 6” broken water main instead, (gets better) a phantom water main at that. According to the foreman the county utility maps do not show a 6” water main to be located under Hudson.” He continued to say, “a water main that goes nowhere and supplies no one.” Sounds frightfully similar to the ARC tunnel project… a tunnel to nowhere.”

Still working on 10th & Hudson water pipe

United Water crews still on scene at 10th & Hudson… some area residents are without water until the repairs are complete.

Water main break 10th and Hudson Hoboken NJ January 4 2010 - Yes: The next Hoboken water main break!

1/4/2011 Update:

Water Main Break at 10th and Hudson Streets

Water leak was a broken pipe in sheep’s clothing…

Late this morning, United Water was on scene at 10th and Hudson “investigating” the cause of this water leak. As they broke ground to see what was going on, workers realized that the pipe was indeed broken – and is in need of replacement / repair. Water will be shut off at the main valve in the area while repairs are taking place. Lovely!

At least it happened on their watch – and not unexpectedly when residents were getting ready for their morning showers!

See previous “pre-flood” warning videos after the jump…

1/1/2011 Update:

Water leak apparently no big deal

Several 411 readers sent emails in noticing this “gurgling” water valve in the crosswalk at 10th and Hudson Streets. After I noticed this a few days ago – United Water came out and inspected, and apparently was no cause for alarm. They’re expected to “repair” this bubbling winter water fountain early next week. As they say… “whatever!”


Is 10th and Hudson next?

Not sure exactly what this is, but I’d guess that a leaking water valve on the street is not necessarily good. Noticed this at 10th and Hudson after taking Oscar for a walk at the dog run at Elysian Park (which is still packed with snow.)

Hopefully it’s nothing too serious!

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This crew has now moved to Bloomfield Street between 10th/11th. They are digging a new hole this morning and causing another traffic jam. What size pipe will they discover today?


Aw, c’mon folks … Some of you must have seen Men in Black. That’s how the aliens commute back and forth between Queens and this side of the Holland Tunnel. It swoops around through here, then rides along the inside of the Lincoln Tunnel, through Grand Central, and then out along the tracks of the 7-train. It’s sure to be revealed in MIB-3.


If the water company doesn’t know about the water mains, you think Hoboken City Hall knows what they’re talking about?


This is why I keep a few gallon jugs of water around in my place so I don’t have to shave in the morning with Orange Juice…