Wednesday Water Cooler – best comments

beercooler.jpgFigured I’d try something new today.

A collection of some of the noteworthy comments made by readers in the past week. If this seems ok to you, please suggest what you might think should make this list every week! I picked these randomly, but it should be the “best comment” of each day.

  • Councilman arrested for DUI
    duffysneighbor says: “let the defense and justification of this jacka$$’s inexcusable actions begin.”
  • City Council 1/17/2007 – Preview
    Red Haven says: “You are correct that the budget was $52 million bucks when Roberts ran against Russo. Roberts even used it as a campaign issue. Now his budget is over $75 million!”
  • Friday Night Lights – Hoboken edition
    YouLookFunny says: “I’d prefer to find out what the story is before I go investing in new blinds!”
  • Reader Mail: Noise Complaints
    emarche says: “it is highly annoying to receive the “I Have the Right-of-Way Because I Have a Stroller” glare from a stroller pusher.”
  • Baja Mexican Cuisine
    eam144 says: “last night we ordered take out from Baja – big mistake.”
  • Valentines Day Stiff
    lily731 says: “valentine’s day sucks.”
  • Donations for Jackson St. Fire Victims
    valerina says: “I have been getting a great response from 411 readers and the Hudson School community. Thanks everyone for your interest and help.”

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