No double parking due to snow? No sweat!


Hoboken business things outside the box

The blizzard certainly narrowed Hoboken streets significantly – but locals are sort of used to squeezing by tight spaces with all the double-parking that takes place every day!

One place that I feel double-parking is OK for short term errands is Adams Street. One of the wider roads in town – even with extra cars – the road is still wider than some of our narrower streets (like 8th or 10th Streets).

The folks that normally double park to quickly pick up essential items at Caporrino’s (528 Adams) got an extra treat yesterday. The photo that Michael sent in – depicts a sign that essentially “upgrades” Caporrino’s into a “Drive Thru!” Just Honk for Service – sweet!

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Normally, navigating Adams Street is like slalom skiing. I wish they’d all at least pick one side to double park on instead of every other car being on the opposite side.