Sleep Cheap

8/4/2008 Final Update:

Sleep Cheap is finally gone!


5/2/2007 Update:

Been meaning to post this for a while, but Sleep Cheap decided to stay in Hoboken and has moved a few doors down.

What’s up with the oddities surrounding the letter “S” in Hoboken? Mayor Robert, 7-Stars Pizza, and now “Nobody beat Sleep Cheap”. Unless, of course, they’re referring to the fact they didn’t leave town.


See their old location and near departure below.

2/3/2007 Update:

Seems as if they’re staying (for the time being). Word is that the owner is “trying to work something out” with the landlord and told the manager to “take the sign down”. They’ll be there as long as they can.

1/10/2007 Update:

In case any of you are keeping track, they’ll be closing at the end of the month. They have a new sign that is “counting down the days” (this pic is a few days old).

The ironic twist of this picture is that the reason they were so cheap, was because of the low overhead. Now the reason for them closing is the huge rent increase. Maybe they should edit that sign to say “high” and point an arrow at the “last days” sign.

Good luck in your other location, Sleep Cheap!


12/15/2006 Update:

Swung by here yesterday to see if they had any interesting items for sale. They still had a lot of stuff left, but what I was looking for (a new mirror), they had a limited selection.

But in the process, I asked them why they were moving. Yep, you guessed it, the landlord insisted on raising their rent over 25%, and the proprietors decided that it was no longer a viable option. The traffic they get isn’t want it used to be. I guess people are either going to IKEA or higher-end places such as Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn. Plus I bet the internet doomed them a bit as well. They have no firm date as to their departure. Could be a few months.

What’s with all these ridiculous rent increases (including Archstone)?

I guess they’ve voluntarily nominated themselves into the doomed category. Known about this for quite some time, but just never got around to getting a picture of this low-priority event. Now here you have it.

They’ll continue operating their massive 6-floor store in West New York.


They cram a lot of crap in there.

Description – Furniture store
Services – Living rooms, bedrooms, wall units, Accessories
Website –
Address –
410 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-4872
Telephone – (201) 222-2766

sleep cheap.JPG

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It looks like SOMEBODY beat Sleep Cheap, judging by the signs in their windows.

Walking down Washington St. and seeing yet another “For Rent” sign in the Metro Homes/Toll Bros/Palmer video location today, in addition to all of the other ones popping up in the last couple of weeks, I think I can say this is the largest number of empty storefronts I have seen on Washington St. in at least 3-4 years.


Add Sunshine deli on Garden to the list of oddly used s’s they have “sandwishes” yum!


sorry thief…i before e


[quote comment=”12664″]chip-
Saying “The sales person was rude to me in the store” is fine. Saying “The owner is a drug addict” is not fine, especially in a service industry where the owner is servicing customers/is the face of the store.

Just a little more info.[/quote]

i have to tell ya i’m taking chip’s side for this one…this is ridiculous…chip isn’t accusing anyone..this is a comments section…chip isn’t under oath and he/she was obviously guestimating and amused from the start…i would think the same thing… even futonland has had a one-day-only sale for at least the four years i have been here…saying anything about it probably won’t change their number of customers–the sign is in the window!…too much worrying about lawsuits…a lawsuit against chip or 411 would be like that story of the theif who broke into someone’s home and tripped over a piece of furniture and then sued the homeowner for the hazard of it…that’s how ridiculous katie’s argument seems to me….GO BACK TO TARA!!! haha just kidding…i have just always wanted to say that to you…whoever u are…


[quote comment=”12639″]chacha – you can be with chip all you want, but until chip knows what she says is verifiable and true, she needs to learn to add the word “allegedly” to her accusations before 411 gets sued.[/quote]

we all know that internet forums are a very reliable source of information