Updated feature – ratings

2/6/2007 Update:

While experimenting with the database, the ratings were corrupted and had to be deleted. In case you want to re-rate any businesses, please feel free to do so.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

newvoting.gifAfter realizing that certain Hoboken businesses were artificially inflating their own ratings by exploiting an anomaly in the voting procedure (businesses will remain nameless, but you know who you are – shame on you), the whole function has been scrapped and re-done from the start.

All previous business ratings have been removed, and the new, more effective system was implemented on Saturday. In addition, the Top 100 list has been reduced to Top 20, both by average rating and number of votes. This number may change in the future, to something like 25 or 50.

So anytime you encounter a business that has a star-rating underneath, feel free to express your opinion about it and vote accordingly. Only registered users can vote.

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if your ratings got corrupted, call the fbi!!


where can I view the top listings?


i love how domino’s is #11