Hoboken Blizzard Gallery: Volume 6 & More


Blizzard in Hoboken puts digital cameras to good use!

Hoboken Blizzard Photo Contest now closed!

Below are the last galleries of reader submissions for our chunky snow storm of 2010! Future submissions may still be used – but not eligible for the contest. Sorry! Doctor’s orders! Plus – I need to get the panel of judges together!

Anyway, this deluge of snow got me wondering… and is the question for the next poll:

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Hoboken Blizzard Gallery Volume 6

The following two batches came in last minute – but decided they deserved to be in their own individual galleries (“just because”):

LobsterGirl: abstract snow drifts

Obscure enough to stand alone:

Paul goes to work even after the blizzard

Paul had already submitted a photo for a previous gallery – but he was one of the few folks who went to work today – and chronicled his walk downtown. Very serene and peaceful.

Thanks again to everyone who sent in the photos!

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Monday, December 27, 2010 10:04 pm

Great shots everyone. There’s something about the City covered in snow, beautiful thing.

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