Let it snow…

snowbandgif.gifFinally, our first real accumulating snow! Took long enough!

Please watch your step (not because it’s slippery, but for camouflaged dog droppings!)

Seems like this snow is because a narrow band of precipitation that has persisted across this area of New Jersey. Most other areas saw no such accumulation.

Enjoy the white while it lasts, it’ll be black and gunky before you know it.

We’ll make snowmen when we get the next blizzard (hopefully this year!)


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careful mom
careful mom

Looks nice right… It was not so nice walking in it all the way down from 11th & Hudson to 11th Park at 7:00 am this morning with a baby carriage. Do any of the home owners with their 1.8 million dollar brown stones own a shovel or rock salt?!!! I am amazed that these owners cannot pay a kid 20.00 to clean the snow. Or is the new trick the shovel sized path that is famous now in Hoboken? I think the owners take for granted the 4 hour window that they have to clean their property. The other thing is the buildings full of condos, such as 11th and Washington right on the corner with the parking lot, they fail to shovel as well. Who is responsible for these duties? Who is Liable?? It is bad enough crossing the street but it is times like this that it is impossible to walk on the sidewalks. Not all of us can work from you know.. I am hoping in the future that the City Council starts laying down the law on matters like this. It is all about safety and our sidewalks are not safe when they are not clean.
Someone should be fined….
Soaked mom