Hoboken Blizzard Videos

12/26/2010 Update:

Sickest weather seen in Hoboken in ages!

Some Hoboken Blizzard tidbits – then my latest signature video…

  • For one – I’ve always been a snow lover – always will be. But for the first time in my life, this storm was seriously “painful.” Not sure if it’s the fact I’m getting older – or this was truly a historic storm. Outrageous!
  • Idiotic moment of the day: NJ Governor Christie declares a state of emergency for the entire Garden State. That covers each and every municipality in the state. Hoboken Mayor Zimmer “copies” that action and also “declares some useless crap.” A lot of copying going on in this unoriginal city. Not sure whether to call her a groupie or a noob!
  • The National Weather Service’s latest storm totals were “18 to 24 inches with local amounts up to 30 inches…” I think Hoboken is in the bulls eye – amazing & epic blizzard for the record books! How are you managing?
  • Lastly – as of 1:40am – the snow is still pummeling us – a storm of biblical proportions. So many city vehicles (cops, plows even the EMS) were getting stuck. Serious crisis mode!
  • Wanted to add that I’m amazed at the traction these video have received… normally a video gets around 5000 views – but these received almost 10,000 in such a short time! Yowee!

Enjoy the video – more when the sun comes up!

12/26/2010 8:30pm Update:

NJ Transit hates Blizzards in Hoboken

Welp, NJ Transit hung on as long as they could – but as this 126 Bus crashed at 10th and Washington Streets, service was suspended STATEWIDE due to the Blizzard conditions.


Epic Blizzard upon Hoboken!

You gotta have a big set of kahunas to even walk around in this insane winter weather from hell! 50mph wind, driving snow (you need to wear sunglasses or goggles to save your eyeballs!), and even thunder and lightning!

Below is fun video I quickly made earlier today. Oh – and I also added more entries to the Hoboken Blizzard Photo Contest gallery as well! Keep ’em coming!!

(Back with more video later – if my legs don’t freeze off first!)

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Thursday, December 30, 2010 9:40 am

Hoboken resident for three decades, and I have to say I’ve been reading your site since you started. It’s enjoyable to see your perspective about our city. You get the details right almost every time.

I’ve never commented before, but wanted to thank you for publishing these movies.

The music is a bit disturbing to my ears (I’m older than you, I can guaranty that!), but that contributes to the appeal about them. You’ve taken standard visuals and turned them into something original not found elsewhere. It’s one of many reasons why I keep coming to your site daily.

So thank you Hoboken411 for being the sole unique place I can visit for honesty about hoboken, I feel like I know you fairly well!

Monday, December 27, 2010 10:28 am

Great videos, 411!

Monday, December 27, 2010 6:18 am

Wind and snow was so bad, saw 2 people walking backwards up Garden st. because the wind would have been too strong in their faces walking forward. And they were walking in the dead center of the street because the sidewalks are just still completely buried. It’s amazing how decimated everything is.

Monday, December 27, 2010 2:12 am

This is insane. Abandoned car on 15th and Wash. At least one car stuck on 14th and Wash outside of the Madison for almost an hour.

Recently spotted a fire truck getting through the snow pretty well on 15th and on Washington – looks like it is trying to tamp down the snow a bit. (Although that abandoned car didn’t make things any easier.)

Haven’t seen a plow in almost an hour of looking out the window.

Sunday, December 26, 2010 11:56 pm

How is a car on fire in this weather? That’s scary.

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