Mike’s Unfinished Furniture – Doomed

Mike’s Unfinished Furniture no more in Hoboken, NJ

Mikes Unfinished Furniture closes in Hoboken NJ moves out of town - Mike's Unfinished Furniture - DoomedMy joke with friends was always, “What’s the deal with Mike anyway? Why can’t he ever finish the job?” Well – that was the charm of Mike’s Unfinished Furniture.

You got quality handmade products (unlike IKEA or Walmart garbage), that you could finish to your liking. He had a good business here in town, that was for the most part not recognized enough for the value they provided.

Now bigger plans are on the horizon for the warehouse adjacent to the old Wonder Bread Factory on 8th Street between Grand and Clinton Streets. Mike’s has been completed gutted from the inside. Watch for more residential development progress over the coming year or two. More density, just what we needed!

Mike’s has changed to “Mikes Cabinet Shop” and is now located in Passaic, NJ (183 Autumn St. – MAP). They can be contacted at the same phone number (201)653-7479.

Sucks that the few things left that gave Hoboken any kind of character (such as Maxwell’s) are vanishing to make way for much more of the same (read: condos, nail salons, dry cleaners, etc.)

Mikes Unfinished Furniture Hoboken NJ Doomed moved 715 Grand Street - Mike's Unfinished Furniture - Doomed

Description: Unfinished furniture warehouse featuring bedroom furniture, chairs, entertainment, home office, desks, cabinets Empty Warehouse.
Website: www.mikesfurniturestore.com defunct
Address: 715 Grand St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 653-7479

This is a photo of Mike’s Unfinished Furniture from back in January of 2006. Yeah, we’ve been rock solid for that long…

unfinished furniture - Mike's Unfinished Furniture - Doomed

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Friday, January 4, 2008 5:49 am

20 years ago I had Mike build bookcases that I designed for my Hoboken apartment. A few years later he built radiator covers. Last year I gave him the design for a walk in closet. I love all the work he has done for me.

I think Mikes Unfinished is by far the most underutilized business in Hoboken. His furniture is quality stuff and made to order. If you enjoy woodworking then you should visit his shop on Grand Street.

Is it the last place in town that actually manufactors something?

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