Feckless drunk flips fancy car

Early this morning, a feat that would baffle even the average engineer happened near 108 10th Street.

A drunk man somehow managed to FLIP his expensive drop-top Mercedes Benz (dealer plates) on a perfectly straight and narrow street! He apparently struck a parked car hard enough to send his sporty and well-made car on it’s side, hitting three other parked cars in the process (one car belonging to a bartender at Maxwell’s).

Nearby neighbors reported hearing two “explosion-like” sounds, and went to the window to see this man climbing out the top of his car.

He was given the “walking and talking sobriety test” and failed. He was arrested for DWI. I’m sure you can get his name out of the paper one day. As long as no one was hurt, I really don’t care who it was!

See more pictures below, as well as a video of our City’s fine officers and firemen bringing the car back down to earth.

flippedbenz 3cs - Feckless drunk flips fancy car
flippedmb 9cs - Feckless drunk flips fancy car

More fruity flipping:

Driver getting the “drunk walk”:
flippedbenz 2cs - Feckless drunk flips fancy car
flippedbenz 4cs - Feckless drunk flips fancy car
flippedbenz 5cs - Feckless drunk flips fancy car
flippedbenz 6cs - Feckless drunk flips fancy car
flippedmb 5cs - Feckless drunk flips fancy car
flippedmb 6cs - Feckless drunk flips fancy car
flippedmb 8cs - Feckless drunk flips fancy car

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I almost don’t believe this story.

Someone should sell the rights to HBO


An update regarding the Luke Duke of Mercedes Benz…

The former intern is a friend of my brother-in-law & this is what I was told yesterday…
-Apparently all employees of Mercedes Benz worldwide are either allowed to drive a Mercedes or given one for free..that employee benefit program has ended for all employees effective immediately.
-Since this guy was an intern & not a full term employee he did not qualify for the free Mercedes program..a friend of his at Mercedes accidently?? gave him a car figuring he was helping out a friend..that guy was fired yesterday.
-The only reason he came to the USA because he proposed to a woman that he had been dating for 4 years….she dumped him.
-He is going to be deported…


[quote comment=”10888″]I have video of the idiot failing the sobriety test.

I will post it on youtube[/quote]

Falk — Please post clip of sobriety check failure to YouTube… there are a number of fellow interns who really need to see this!


Whew! I was parked on 10th between Wash and Bloomfield at the time. Thankfully this jerk didn’t smash my brick.

The photographer should submit these pics to wreckedexotics.com.


I’ve always wondered how you flip a car, period. I only heard of one such event before moving to the East Coast. That was a spoiled kid at my high school with a VW Cabriolet … speeding, broad daylight, plenty of space to build up speed, etc.

However, flipping cars seems to be a bit of a game for the whole family to play around here. The news reports are full of SUV’s doing somersaults (which doesn’t much bother me).

Slow down folks, get there in one piece, live to see another day.