Donations for Jackson St. Fire Victims

I have to say, it’s really nice to see a community come together and lend a helping hand in whatever way possible.

h 4th alarm 448.thumbnail - Donations for Jackson St. Fire VictimsAs most of you know, there was a devastating fire on Jackson Street back in December. Many people had their lives thrown upside down. First we had the creation of the Hoboken Country Club, which will donate the proceeds from their social event to the victims, and now, 9th grader Valerie Smith is doing her part as well.

She writes:
I am a student in the 9th grade at The Hudson School, and completing 20 hours of community service is part of our curriculum.

419jackhcs.thumbnail - Donations for Jackson St. Fire VictimsFor my community service project, I am collecting donations specifically for the 5 kids that lost their stuff in the fire on December 30. I’m trying to broadcast what I’m doing in as many ways as possible, and my dad, Raymond Smith, suggested that I reach out to the readers of Hoboken 411. So if you could possibly include the attached information into your site somehow, that would be great!

Thank you for your help,

Valerie Smith

Seeking Donations For Fire-Victims

In Hoboken, on December 30, there was a large fire that displaced people in three apartment buildings. These people lost their homes and belongings. Five of these were kids ranging in age from 4-17. I am seeking donations of conservative style clothing, shoes, toys, and books; anything that seems useful to help the 5 kids rebuild their lives.

Please contact Valerie Smith to donate.
Home: 201-653-6638 Email:

  • Boys Clothing: kids Sizes 5 or 6
  • Shirts: medium and large
  • Pants: 30 waist/30, 29 waist/30

The boys are ages 4, 12, 15 and 17. So, for the older boys, medium and large collared shirts, in red or white, would be useful because those are the colors that they wear at Hoboken High School. Basically conservative-style clothing for the older guys. For the four year old, anything that someone his age would adore and use would be wonderful.

  • Boys Shoes: Sizes- 12[kids], 8 1/2[adult]
  • Girls Clothing: Sizes 10 or 12 kids
  • Girls Shoes: Sizes- 2 1/2 kids

And anything that you think that a seven year old girl would like would be great!

Thank you all for your help!

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To everyone that has donated items for the kids that were affected by the Jackson Street fire, THANK YOU SO MUCH. The clothing drive has been a wonderful success, and I have received more than enough items for each child. As of now, I’m not accepting anymore clothing donations, but if you still really want to donate, gift cards (for places like Barnes & Noble, Toys R’ Us, Amazon, Ben & Jerry’s, etc.) would be great. See above for my contact info.
On Saturday, I am picking up a lot of items from the very firemen that fought the fire and I’m dropping off everything at City Hall on Tuesday.

Thanks Again!!
Valerie Smith


I have a bunch of stuff for the 4 year old, RHBF has a lot of stuff here from his kid. I’ll be e-mailing you and your father tomorrow AM so I can find out where to drop it off.

Val, I love your snark…


I have been getting a great response from 411 readers and the Hudson School community. Thanks everyone for your interest and help. I’m not done yet though. My cut off date is next Monday, January 29.

And sorry jambers, but I’ve been too busy collecting donations to die while eating at the Taco Truck.


But has she ever eaten at the Taco Truck?


She’s in 9th grade and writing like that?

Wow, fantastic parents!

I’m e-mailing this link to all my relatives, I’ll hopefully have some stuff on Monday.