10k Milestone

10kchips.jpgYesterday at 2:44pm, Hoboken411 received it’s 10,000th officially posted comment. SarahC’s comment on the “Sue the homeless?” article was the magical one.

Almost 50% of those comments came in the last two months alone!

Thanks to all the readers! Without you, the site would not be complete. Your opinion, insight, advice, generous information and helpfulness is valued by everyone that reads it, even if we decide to have fun and go off-track from time to time.

Below is the visual chart of reader traffic since 411 went “live” only nine months ago.

See you at 25k!


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15 Comments on "10k Milestone"

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can a blog jump the shark?


Hey why so modest 411 ?

Without all your hard work and commitment to a open fourm this site would not be as good as it is.

It would be nj.com !



“Hoboken411, does she get a free ham with that event?”

I’m not really a meat-eater – how ’bout a free parking space? Kind of an “employee of the month” type deal. I’ll turn it over when the next milestone hits (maybe…) ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


411 – actually, I’m not sure you need to encourage people to compete to put MORE posts out there. Let me know when you find a way to measure relevance to the posted topic. ๐Ÿ˜‰