Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets: 12/20/2010


Now the Holiday Season really hits 5th gear!

How pathetic are the NY Giants?

Didn’t watch the game between the NY Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday, but my brother told me how the Giants blew a comfortable halftime lead and just got owned by the Eagles. He wondered if this loss cost them a trip to the playoffs. The NY Jets, on the other hand just need to win once more to guarantee a spot in the post-season.

So the question is:

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Rare Winter Solstice and Lunar Eclipse!

Exactly 24 hours from the time this story posted will mark the official beginning of astronomical Winter!

You can witness one cool thing happen if you stay up late enough tonight (into tomorrow). A full lunar eclipse is also taking place between 1:00 and 5:00am. The best time to catch it is around 3:15am – when coverage is ideal – and the moon becomes “reddish.”

According to NASA, the combination of a lunar eclipse and Winter Solstice hasn’t happened in hundreds of years. Play the lottery, too!

Weekly Weather Outlook

If you follow weather like Hoboken411 does (and love snow), you might be a bit depressed about the so-called “outlook” for this winter season. Not that anyone can possibly put 100% of their trust in meteorologists – but many are saying this wacky “La Nina” will negatively effect the quality of our winter this year. Who the heck knows.

One thing is – they’re discussing the potential for a “White Christmas” this year – but I’ll err on the side of caution and won’t get my hopes up. Here’s your forecast for this week:


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