The Waggles: tribute to the Wiggles

Family fun.

Sunday January 21, 2007 3:00pm
Rue School, 3rd & Garden Street, Hoboken
Admission is $5 for adults. Children are free.

The Waggles -Children’s Entertainer Ron Albanese’s Tribute to “The Wiggles”

waggles.jpgHoboken is also known as “Polkaville.” It’s a place where children regularly recognize the performer, Ron Albanese (Polka Dot), even in his “day job” elementary school teacher attire.Now, the popular children’s performers “stepping out of character’ in his new production “The Waggles: a Tribute to The Wiggles.”

Ron promises a show “capturing the spirit of The Wiggles” featuring the dance moves and hits, from “Hot Potato” and “Fruit Salad” to “The Monkey Dance.” The performer (the “Yellow Waggle” in the program) says that he knows the Wiggles catalog from “back to front,” and even takes requests.

In addition to the wiggly musical menu, Ron says that there will be additional surprises at the event – Polka Dot himself may show up to say hello to the Polka Dot Pals. With a wink, the performer says: “This is Hoboken, the capital of Polkaville – it’s going to be a big Polka Dot party!”

In addition to the “Polka Dot Pals,” joining Ron will be Joanna Burns (“Lil’ Gal Pal Joey” in Polka Dot lore) and “childhood pal” and children’s entertainer AJ Confessore, who is best known in Hudson County as AJ The Clown.

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