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Seeing that we’re still less than three weeks into the new year, you still have time to focus on your resolutions (if any).

Today, we’re lucky to have an article submitted by local Hoboken Personal Trainer, Mara Kimowitz. She touches on fitness-related routines, and why some people give up on them. Thanks, Mara!

A Forgotten New Years

By Mara Kimowitz

mkarticle.jpgFor the first week of the New Year we were recovering from all the Holiday parties; from the eating and drinking. The second week the guilt set in and we made a promise to ourselves to get into shape. We told all our friends how we were going to get back into the gym. When we arrived at the gym, we were welcomed by the millions of other people who had made the same resolution and were now fighting for the Elliptical machine.

At last, we get our big chance on the Cardio machine. After 30 minutes of heavy breathing, muscle aches and impatient looks from the awaiting machine users we are finally done with our first day back in the gym. Maybe we will be back a couple of more times this month. Or perhaps that was it for our New Years Resolution.

So why, like so many, do we make a New Years Resolution to get in shape and give up by February?

Let’s consider the fitness plan that many people tend to follow when returning to the gym. People will find at least one day a week, maybe two, for cardiovascular exercise. Cardio includes the elliptical, treadmill and bicycle as well as other exercises.

In order to feel good and look good, the following fitness plan is recommended at minimum: 3 days of cardiovascular exercise and 2 days of strength training. Strength training is the key in getting result from cardio! No matter how much cardio you do, it will take longer to see results if you don’t have muscle. Muscle is a living tissue and will aid your body in eating away at the fat during cardio. Without it we are working much harder then we want to or would need too.

If we feel apprehensive about strength training or just need guidance we should work with a personal trainer. These things are a must when working with a trainer:

  1. Find a trainer that will work to address and accommodate the client’s needs and goals including age, sex, interests, and schedule. There is no “one size fits all” approach to training.
  2. Set clear and realistic goals with the trainer in the beginning and revisit these goals every 3 months.
  3. Constantly ask questions and expect feedback from the trainer.
  4. If it doesn’t seem like a good match don’t hesitate to find another trainer.

It’s time we put ourselves on the correct fitness work-out, meet our goals and have fun while we do it. There is no time like the present to get back at it. New Years Resolutions can last forever.

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