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OneTwib: Connect with others based on location

Along the same “geographic” lines as NeighborGoodsOneTwib popped up recently – touting a map-based way to “connect” with others registered with the service:

“OneTwib brings something really new. Wherever you are, at work, at your place or in vacation, connect with people around you. Simply drag and drop a pin on a map and your location is all set. Our members create events and interest groups as a way to meet new people. This is something called “Online2Offline”

Want to have fun with other people in your area? Add your event on the map and start communicating with people willing to join it. It can be anything from watching your favorite team at a local sport bar to a chill hiking afternoon. Want to communicate with other people in your neighborhood? Simply post your thoughts that can be read by people around you. On the other side, it allows business owners to advertise their business at a local level. OneTwib – Connect with people around you.

You can read reviews at Apartment TherapyHyperlocal101 and Blogging Tips.

Is this a product that you’d find interesting?

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Hi Evelyn,

Actually, OneTwib is NOT a way to keep connected with your current friends, but a way to make new friends in your city or your neighborhood

We are not a dating website. One of the idea behind OneTwib is that people can create events to meet people with shared interests (It can be anything from watching your favorite team at a local sport bar to a chill hiking afternoon).

You also can use OneTwib to directly search for people who live or work near you or who share the same interests

David from OneTwib


Social networking is way overrated. Too much time is wasted, and is why I’m much better off than my friends who are obsessed with Facebook and others.