Hoboken Heroin Cartel Busted

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Now where will the local addicts get their smack? Will this cause the criminal superhighway to calm down a bit? That sure would be nutty.

Hudson Drug Ring Busted

Three leaders of a Hoboken-based drug ring that moved up to 20,000 bags of heroin through Hudson County each week were living the high life on drug profits, officials said.

smack.jpgBut all three pleaded guilty today to federal drug crimes carrying sentences of up to 25 years in prison, officials said.

Jose Nutty Gonzalez, 25, of Third Street in Union City, Rory Praylow, 28, of Jackson Street in Hoboken, and Manuel Murder Suarez, 31, of Palisade Avenue in Jersey City, pleaded guilty in federal court in Manhattan this morning, officials said.

They were among eight people busted after the six-month investigation that came to a head last March 6, Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio said.

Just after midnight that day, Hoboken police, working with the federal Drug Enforcement Agency and the Hudson County Prosecutors Office, spotted leaders of the cartel meeting at the Hess Station on 14th Street in Hoboken, reports said.

Read the entire story in Thursday’s Journal.

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[quote comment=”10663″]I guess I should just close 411 down instead.[/quote]

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