Give Gino a home for Christmas!


The best give Gino could get: A new home!

While many of us are hoping for bling or the latest gadgetry for Christmas – this poor kitty just wants a loving home. Can you help?

Gino the cat needs a home in Hoboken NJ

Meet Gino

“Gino was hanging out in Olga’s back yard and she developed a real soft spot for the guy. He was a real love bug and rewarded her generosity with lots of affection. Olga knew she could not keep him, already having two cats of her own, and asked JerseyCats for help.

We scooped up Gino and took him in for a vet check and to be neutered. We also had a great foster home lined up for him. Unfortunately, Gino tested positive for Feline Leukemia (FeLV). FeLV is a retrovirus that infects approximately 2-3% of the US cat population.

We were so surprised by the results because Gino is the picture of health – with those bright green eyes and an alert and happy face. We asked our vet to run a second test to confirm the results and, much to our dismay, that test was positive as well. Gino was retested 30 days after his first test to make absolutely sure he is positive, and that test only confirmed the results.

Because he tested FeLV positive he could not go to the foster home that was waiting for him because he would have been living with other cats. FeLV can be transfered from cat to cat during mutual grooming, and, although rare, through the shared use of litter boxes and feeding dishes.

Luckily, JerseyCats foster parents Sofia and Michael stepped up for Gino, and, even though it meant saying good bye to their foster kittens, they took him in.”

See their story after the jump…

A great house companion

“Sofia says that Gino was slow to adjust to life indoors, but once he knows you he is the “mushiest cat ever. He loves to curl up into a ball and sleep with a paw or his tail touching me. He pushes my hand up to pet him when I stop. He bumps it up like a volleyball so that I’ll keep going. His new thing is he head buts me and touches his nose to mine.” He’s even tolerating their dogs!

Gino is a wonderful house cat and companion. There’s just one problem – he needs a permanent home.

Gino needs a home without other cats, or one with another FeLV positive cat. He needs a home with someone willing to give him the best of care and nutrition to help him fight his illness for as long as possible. And he needs a home with someone willing to care for him when he becomes ill.

This is a tall order and this home will not be easy to find. Not everyone is willing, or able, to take in a special needs cat. If you are that rare and special person who can adopt Gino, please contact us.
JerseyCats can provide transport to the right home, even if it is out of state, and will provide support to his adopter throughout his life. If you can give Gino a home please contact JerseyCats at 201-305-3436 or

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I had a cat that was FelV positive, no big deal. Also, If you only intend to have only 1 cat, then it is a non-issue. don’t hesitate, snatch this guy up.


My. God. This cat is adorable.

Someone please adopt him…