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I know, I know, the subject of parking is has always been talked about ad nauseam in town, but what about the few people that decide to ride motorcycles?

Here a reader writes in about a silly “rule” that the city has regarding parking motorcycles in their parking lots:


bikegirls.jpgI know what you might think ”Oh no, not again. Enough with the complaints over parking in Hoboken”. I have a new take on it though, and have questions that I haven’t seen anywhere else: motorcycle parking. It’s hard enough finding parking for your car in Hoboken, and one would think it’d be easier for a motorcycle. But it’s not. To prevent the bike from getting stolen by being lifted into a van you need to secure it. There are very few places I Hoboken where you can do that without parking part of the bike n the sidewalk, which is of course illegal. And even if you find a place for it where it can be locked to a street sign or something you will still most certainly have the bike messed with or kicked to the ground by drunk punks on their way home from a party night (I speak from personal experience, after 3 days having the bike parked on the street, it was vandalized – Friday night/Saturday morning, on Bloomfield between 4th and 5th last week in case someone saw something).

City garages don’t allow motorcycles at all! Why? I don’t know. Neither does anyone else. But those are the rules!! And most other garages only allow tenants. What to do???

Below is a letter I wrote to Mr. Corea over a week ago. Still no reply.

Dear Mr. John P. Corea:

I’ve been a Hoboken resident for about 18 months, and I absolutely love it here. The only minor problem so far has been parking, but since we got a spot for our car in the garage by St. Mary’s Hospital, everything is better. Just a couple of days ago I bought a motorcycle, a fairly new and expensive medium sized standard bike. My plan was to use our $175/month parking space for the bike to avoid the risk of getting it lifted off and stolen and wear and tear from rain and wind. The car would once again be parked on the street with a resident permit. Yesterday I was about to park the motorcycle there but to my surprise I was told that they didn’t allow motorcycles in the garage. They didn’t know why, but they thought it was the same for all public garages in Hoboken. If I wanted more answers I was told to contact the parking authority at City Hall. I went there today to further clarify what the rules were and why. The only answer I got was that there were rules against motorcycles, and that I should not question why the rules were there. “Rules are rules”. Since I’m not happy with answers like that I am now writing you.

Read the rest below

I guess one reason could be that motorcycles theoretically could pass the gate without paying? I would understand how experience from dishonest people doing that could make you limit or ban parking by the hour. But how about honest people with a monthly spot that they pay around $200 a month for, shouldn’t they be able to park a motorcycle there if they wanted to? It’s not like you can take off without paying since it’s a monthly spot.

I was surprised to learn that Hoboken seems to be such a motorcycle unfriendly place. Surely there must be more motorcycles than mine in this beautiful little town? Surely it wouldn’t cause any problems for the city if you would allow monthly customers to park their motorcycles in the garage if they wanted to? Surely it’s in the city’s interest to make it easier for residents to use smaller, more energy efficient vehicles?

Any answers or input on this matter or on how this parking dilemma could be solved is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Do any of you have any suggestions?

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Nice write up bmacqueens and hense my evoultion from small Jetta to large Hummer. I do own a motorcyle too, but I do not ride here. It is just too damm dangerous.

I am still thinking about adding the snow plow to the front of my Hummer for the get out of my way effect or die feeling that only a large yellow snow plow can add. 😆


Funny, I cant stand motorcycles. In the summer you see these hammer heads pumping up their engines and then aken off like wild animals. Love it when u see the perosn on theback wearing nothing but shorts and sneakers, hope they get scortched by the tail pipe and then learn. Also hate when they park like cars in spots. Ill admit it, one night after looking for parking for over 30 mins i witnessed one parked like a car and taking up an entire spot. I did knock it over to teach them lesson. Def wrong on my part but i was aggrivated.


I couldn’t find a garage for my car or motorcycle in hoboken, so i rent a private garage for my bike in weehawken. its cheap (comparatively) and holds my bike and all my tools and gear nicely. Now, if only i can find a spot to buy/rent in hobo for my car!!


Sure is …

too many people with too many cars in too small of an area

parking is so cheap that there’s no motivation to drive a smaller vehicle

dominant culture favors gigantic cars and trucks

unsafe to drive bike on roads, therefore, not many bikes

not many bikes means no support in dominant culture

no support means … good luck finding a safe place to park your bike