Reported Fire 12th & Clinton

There are reports at 3:20am that there is a working fire in a vacant building in the 12th and Clinton area. It may be a dangerous situation, as it was indicated that there were either oxygen or propane tanks inside.

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No, I think it was the homeless guy that’s been camping out in the empty garage.


Sounds more like Landlord Lightning to me. A little smoke and fire, a few of Hoboken’s bravest mill about for a few hours, then in comes the Fire Chief to condemn the property. Oh, you don’t think so? What do you think happened to the old Zanzibar Club or whatever it was called over on 10th and Jefferson. Some smoke for an hour or two. Cordon off the area. Condemn it. Two weeks later (well, guess what!) Ursa tractors and cranes.


Maybe it’s a conspiracy. Those landowners/developers probably make more money off the insurance than they do off of a shitty old building sitting on their properties.


I second b’s post. I’ve lived here for 10 years and have never heard of so many uptown fires. Who stores oxygen or propane tanks in a residential unit? Is this the senior housing building on 12th and Willow, instead of Clinton? Would make sense for the elderly to have those tanks.


wtf is with these uptown fires? I lived there for years and never saw this…