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2/1/2007 Update:

It was a successful night for the Hoboken Country Club Charity Organization. At last count, I believe they raised over $3500 (correction: the club’s cut was around $1570) along with various essential donations. Many local residents, city employees and business owners came down to partake in this social charity event. In addition to the organizers, Council members Terry Castellano and Mike Russo joined in along with some Hoboken notables such as Dawn Zimmer, Beth Mason, Lane Bajardi and many more.

country club charity 4 cs - The Hoboken Country Club

Few more pics after the break.

country club charity 2 cs - The Hoboken Country Club
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country club charity 8 cs - The Hoboken Country Club

2/27/2007 Reminder:

Tomorrow (Wednesday 2/28) is The Hoboken Country Club Charity Event at Trinity from 7-10pm. Attendees are also being asked to try and donate clothes, toys, and perhaps even gift cards. CVS, ShopRite, Target, Radio Shack, etc. Whatever people deem important to starting lives over. It should be pretty fun evening with young and old people alike. Council members Terry Castellano and Mike Russo will be there as well.


We all know the phrase “Every dark cloud has a silver lining”. Whether it be the headaches caused by the unconscionable rent increases at the Archstone building, or the devastating year-end fire on Jackson Street, good things can often rise above the smoke.

Hoboken resident Maureen McElgunn has joined together with others to start a local fundraising club called the Hoboken Country Club Hoboken Country Club Charity Organization (edited because another Hoboken business actually owns the name “Hoboken Country Club”).

Here’s her story about how it started:

cocktailparty - The Hoboken Country Club“The idea of a social club raising money for charity came about during dinner last week with council members Theresa Castellano and Mike Russo. If you had told me two months ago that I would be having dinner with City Council members and soon become a philanthropist, I wouldn’t have believed it. My path crossed with Russo and Castellano when the two became proactive in proposing and supporting a resolution to stop unconscionable rent increases in Hoboken.

As we were enjoying a friendly dinner, getting to know one another’s backgrounds, I happened to ask what they were getting involved with next in regards to fundraising. Mike told me that he and Terry were about to send out letters to the community, asking for donations for the fire victims on Jackson Street. I wanted to get on board and help out. I suggested a way to broaden the demographics and get more people involved would be to have a social event, a wine and cocktail tasting night, at one of the local bars to raise money.

And from that, we formed a great partnership to raise money for local charities. There are plenty of people in this town who like to go out to the local bars and have a good time after work. Throw in some alcohol and a good cause, and it’s a perfect fit. We are expecting a great turnout. Plus, I have a lot of good looking single friends to sweeten the pot!”

Here’s their first event:

Wine and Cocktail Tasting Charity Event

Who: People who like to mix and mingle for a good cause
What does it cost?: Nothing to be a member! If you come to the charity events, it will just cost you the admission, which is $45
First Charity Event: Wine and mini martini tasting party
Location: Trinity, February 28th, 7-10 pm
Why: 100% of the proceeds go to fire victims of Jackson Street

To add your name to the club, send an e-mail to You will receive updates and invites to future social events. We could also use volunteers to help out with future events.

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uptown girl
uptown girl
Friday, February 8, 2008 5:03 pm

What happened to this organization? Haven’t there been several fires since then? Oh yeah, Russo’s name is not in big bold letters on this charity, so the Michael Russo Civic Blah Blah Blah is organizing an event.

Friday, March 2, 2007 1:59 pm

I would hope that a bar would be more generous with an event like this than a 50-50 split. But then again we are being told how bad the bar business is in Hoboken these days…NOT!

Thursday, March 1, 2007 5:18 pm

I am pretty sure 100% of the proceeds means that after the bar took their amount to cover the costs of the liquor and food, the rest of the money went to the victims. I am surprised that anyone thought Trinity would pay for all the food and liquor. And I’m pretty sure it was stated ..100% of the PROCEEDS.

Thursday, March 1, 2007 5:15 pm

I am the one that started this charity organization. And, I started it for two reasons..One, to give back to others who need help in the community…and Two, to meet as many new people as possible in Hoboken. Everything I do is driven from the heart. This fire could have happened to any one of us. Me or You. I live a pretty good life, and made it my New Year’s Resolution to help out others in need. That’s it. Pure and simple. Mike Russo and Teri Castellano are my friends. They helped me out by supporting my cause and bringing some of their friends. And as for the name of the club… I thought it would be fun to start a “country club”. Perhaps you should join the club and come to an event. You will see how non political it really is. Just a bunch of people who want to help out others while enjoying a few cocktails after work.

Thursday, March 1, 2007 5:08 pm

Its wonderful to raise money for a cause – but I’d be a little miffed if I found out after the fact that something less than 100% of the proceeds went to the cause. It looks like about half went to the cause and half went to the bar and I would have no problem with that, except for the fact that it was promoted as being ‘100% of the proceeds go to Jackson St. Victims’.

Here I thought Trinity was donating their space and liquor (or maybe a sponsor was picking up the tab) – but its not the case. This is a boon for the bar it seems.

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