Reader Mail: Noise Complaints

Here’s another reader email about a specific late-night noise complaint uptown, near the Rite-Aid. Now I know we all have to deal with the garbage trucks coming through 6 days a week, but it’s usually only for a few minutes. She has to deal with mega-dumpster earthquakes as well as sleeping truckers who leave their rigs idling for hours. Do you think that commercial trash pickups and deliveries should be scheduled at more reasonable hours? Who should she direct these complaints to? Her local council-person?

Nefarious Noise Nemesis

Hey Hoboken 411,

I read your Friday Night Lights spot and also have a problem keeping me awake at night- noise. Specifically, the Rite Aid Parking Lot between Clinton and Willow. At least 3 times a week, the following things occur in the middle of the night (usually between 2 and 5 a.m.)

dumpster - Reader Mail: Noise Complaints

  1. The Rite Aid Truck comes to make its delivery, during which they leave the engine running/rumbling for approximately 2 + hours. Note, the sound of an 18 wheeler idling does NOT have the same effect as a noise machine…
  2. The trash picker uppers a.k.a. garbage and recycling, empty the garbage using the loudest possible trucks, compactors, and people they can find.
  3. And my favorite- the emptying of the Rite Aid Dumpsters, where the truck actually lifts both dumpsters, shakes them about 10 times and then DROPS them from about 10 ft in the air. And there are two, so its double your noise, double your fun. The sound resembles a cannon being shot directly into my apartment building.

I know they say the outside walls are thin on new construction, but I don’t think a soundproof wall would keep this noise out! It is seriously unbelievable. I have tried everything- leaving the TV on, running the dryer to balance out the noise- nothing works. And the dumpsters are just the worst! Ground-shaking!

My question really is why exactly do these things have to be done at night? or at least in the DEAD of night? Are there noise ordinances? Can’t Rite Aid get deliveries and empty their dumpsters during the day?


Cranky on Clinton

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These must be the things that are keeping me up at night! I am a fairly new resident to Hoboken (a little less than a year) and moved here from NYC. I have to admit, it was a lot quieter living in the city and I never thought I would ever say that. My fiancee and I chose to live in Madison Street in the hopes that we could avoid the late night bar crowds and general traffic of Washington Street. On average, it is much quieter EXCEPT late at night (normally Sunday and Tuesday nights). Our apartment faces Madison Street and we are often woken up out of a dead sleep because of the garbage truck that parks itself outside of our window and the constant “beep beep beep..” of the truck backing up. In addition to the garbage truck, we often hear very loud trucks vrooming down the street. Do they honestly need to be doing this at 3 in the morning?! I have tried everything (pillow over my head, ear plugs, etc.) and am still being woken up at least twice a week by this noise. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


[quote comment=”117739″]Speaking of noise pollution, can I ask why BLARING hispanic music must start like clockwork at 8pm on Friday nights in southwest Hoboken? I can hear every beat, every lyric from my apartment – even with all of the windows shut.[/quote]

I recall reading a NY Times article about 15 years ago where a Dominican newcomer to some NYC neighborhood was quoted as saying “I’m Dominican. We’re loud. When I play music I want the whole neighborhood to hear.” He hinted that his new neighbors weren’t quick to warm up to him. Unsurprisingly, he never made the connection.

This is the same motivation behind straight-pipe motorcycles and collar-up douche bags conspicuously on the phone while driving BMW convertibles and blasting some tired top-40 hit.

It is not about them. It is about you hearing and thinking “wow – they are so cool.” Or so they’d like to believe.


Speaking of noise pollution, can I ask why BLARING hispanic music must start like clockwork at 8pm on Friday nights in southwest Hoboken? I can hear every beat, every lyric from my apartment – even with all of the windows shut.


Hey, i know how terrible it must feel to have to live with all these horrible noises…..sarcasm….. i live across for one trucking company and next to another trucking company….truckers have to let their trucks idle for heat and air conditioning. I’m sure that if you just let this drive sleep at your house when he gets there then I’m sure he will be more than welcome to shut his truck off for you. and if your not willing to do that then shut up because it is the truckers that are holding this country together they are the backbone of this country….if you have a problem with that then oh well cause im willing to bet my life savings and everything to say that everything you have right now was delivered by a truck of some sort. ugh i hate people

Trail of Dead
Trail of Dead


When I lived on 10th and Washington, I used those orange foam earplugs, you squish them up and they expand in your ear. You can get them in bulk pretty cheaply. They help against everything, even the asshole harley riders.