KoKo FitClub Holiday Challenge


Blubber should not be on your wish list

We all know that the holidays often result in expanding waistlines, and the reason for resolutions for the new year. Well, KoKo Fitclub uptown has a little challenge for you not only to get more physically fit – but to actually squash holiday fat gain! Read more below…

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Keep off the fat; win some prizes at KoKo FitClub!

We’d like to announce a very exciting FREE Challenge that we’re this December. It’s called the “Holiday Hold’em Challenge,” and here’s how it works:

  • The idea is for you to NOT gain body fat during the busy holiday season:
    • Before December 8, 2010, please see one of our staff to obtain a free body composition assessment. Then, on or around January 2, 2011, if you’ve successfully NOT gained body fat, you win a free Koko FitClub t-shirt! But wait… there’s more!
  • We’re going to be giving away an iPod Nano, a Rachel Ray cookware set, and a 42″ plasma HDTV! Come into Koko FitClub, work out, and earn points as normal during December. Earn at least 10,000 Koko points in a 2-week time period, and you’ll be automatically entered for the next prize drawing. Prize drawings will occur on the last day of each of the following 2-week periods:
    • Thur 12/2 – Wed 12/15 PRIZE: free Rachel Ray cookware set!
    • Thur 12/9 – Wed 12/22 PRIZE: free iPod Nano!
    • Thur 12/16 – Thur 12/30 GRAND PRIZE: free Samsung 42″ Plasma HDTV!
  • Invite your friends to take part in the Holiday Hold’em Challenge, for FREE. Perhaps you already know that we’re doing a FREE December promotion for your friends and family, but you may not know that your friends and family can also take part in the Holiday Hold’em Challenge, and you definitely don’t know (until now), that we’re offering DOUBLE FREE MONTHS for you, if any of your friends joins Koko FitClub during December.

Make sense? I hope so. To recap, it’s simple:

  1. Do not gain body fat over the month of December. Get an awesome Koko T-shirt.
  2. Earn 10,000 Koko points in 2 weeks. Get a chance to win a 42″ plasma TV.
  3. Tell your friends to join you. Get double your standard referral bonus when they join Koko FitClub–that’s 2 months free for you.

Happy Healthy Holidays,

Your Koko FitClub Team: Michael, Alison, Kristy, and Rich

Call KoKo at (201)683-8455 for more information.

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Hi all, just a quick clarification from the owner on some FAQ’s:

Is there any obligation?
No, this is 100% free. Just come in and work out.

Do I have to be a member?
No. This is for Koko members, friends of Koko members, and friends of Koko friends. If you’re reading Hoboken411.com, then you’re a friend of a member–and you’re eligible.

When are the prizes awarded?
December 15, 22, and 30 (cookware set, iPod nano, and 42″ plasma, respectively)

Do I have to weigh in to compete?
If you don’t weigh in, then you do not get the free T-shirt. But you CAN still compete for the other prizes (cookware set, iPod nano, 42″ plasma)

What if I can’t weigh in by December 8?
1) We’re extending weigh-in to latecomers until December 15.
2) Even if you miss the weigh in, you are still eligible for other prizes. Just get in, and get started! The sooner you start, the more prizes you are eligible for.