NFL Playoffs


Tip: You might want to bet on the opposite of what the Hoboken411 poll results are. Five out of the Six predicted winners lost over the past two weekends.

See last NFL poll to the left. Consensus of people I’ve spoken with indicate Indianapolis should win hands down. Your prediction?

60% of the readers picked teams that lost this weekend. Crazy stuff.

Updated poll to the left.

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Didn’t want people on here to think I couldn’t spell.


Hey newhobo – don’t you mean GEAUX Saints!


Go Saints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was wearing my Eagles sweatshirt coming home from a bar the Friday before our playoff game against the Giants. It was before 11. As I walked down Park, a car stopped and yelled “Hey douchebag.” I didn’t even realize it was directed at me until I heard “Hey you, douchebag in the Eagles jersey, this is Giants country.” Then he peeled off in the rain and almost hit a parked car.

As I rounded the corner on first a guy was walking down the street coming towards me. He caught my eye and started walking closer to me on the sidewalk. When he closed the distance to about 10′ he said “Asshole” and flicked his cigarette at me. He missed me by about a foot.

Now, I’m about 5’3, and I was sober, minding my own business walking home. Imagine if I had been mouthing off or if this was after the game.


Funny Hoboken anecdote: after the Birds beat the Giants in the first round, some friends and I were walking home from Mulligan’s, when a car pulls up at a red light on Washington Street. A guy in the back seat rolls down the window and yells at us (all wearing Eagles jerseys): “Go back to Cherry Hill you f***ing white trash!!!”

I didn’t know that Eagles fans in NJ were assumed to be from Cherry Hill. Good to know.