Hoboken Week in Review 1/14/2007

weekinreviewstreetsign.jpgAnother week in Hoboken goes by. Football is all but dead in the area now. Both NY teams out, the local Philly chapter is out, 21 days till the Super Bowl, two months till pitchers and catchers. Hopefully some other stuff can keep us entertained! Here’s some of the stories from the last week. Try and stay awake!

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News, items of importance:

Town Government:

  • Rail yards – May eventually be home to thousands of new residents.
  • Run, don’t walk – $18 grand to be spent to teach people common sense.
  • Officially wrong – City vehicles breaking the law.
  • Overkill – Taller buildings, more congestion, guaranteed flooding. Welcome to Hoboken!


New or Coming Soon:

  • Quit Whining – Seems like a legit wine bar may finally call Hoboken home.

Doomed or closing soon:

  • Sleep really cheap – Long time Hoboken furniture joint bidding farewell at the end of January.


  • Mystery meat – Hoboken411 risks life sampling the treacherous taco truck.

Fun, Games and Random Observations:

  • Zap it to me – New Hoboken411 feature lets you easily stay on top of all things Hoboken.
  • Vacuous Van – An unidentified city vehicle (UCV) parks illegally. We wonder what the heck it’s for.
  • Booze-less in Hoboken – 411’s resolution to go 33 days dry continues.

Notable incidents, crimes, fires:

  • Creepy stalker – Well-known Hoboken homeless goes a tad too nutty and ends up in slammer.

Recent Town Incidents:

  • Incident Map – The usual vehicular vertigo, fruity fire alarms, tenacious teeth-bashing make the blotter this week.

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