Missing Mike

1/23/2007 Update:

So I was going to write about how the Hoboken Comedy Experiment went last night, but I couldn’t to stick it out. A) I’m not drinking at the moment, so was kind of bored and B) I hadn’t eaten all day so I didn’t want to get the dry heaves in case the experiment failed. Some funny moments, but I left. Sorry Chris & Adam! How was the rest of the show?

Anyway, on my way home, I saw some new color flyers for the sad missing cat, Mike. This time on heavier stock paper and full color. These people must have really loved their cat!



These signs are still on the telephone poles uptown. Has anyone seen Mike, the friendly neighborhood missing cat?


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i saw Mike i wasn’t able to catch him. I am glad he is back with his family. If it wasn’t for the other cat he was with screething i would of never know. And also if it wasn’t for hoboken 411 I would of just thought he was another stray. That was the 3rd animal I found roaming the streets of hoboken. I guess they know to come my way since I am a dog wlaker.


What fantastic news, and a lesson to us all about persistance for those we love!


I’ll be sure to raise a Guinness to all the other lost cats out there.

Anyone else remember that child hood poem? Something about “3 little kittens, all lost their mittens…” I’m having flashbacks just thinking of the strays.