411 Video Pick: Storm Freerun Volume 1


New Category: Hoboken411 Video Picks

Created a new category today – Hoboken411 Video Picks – and will typically publish these posts on a more casual Friday or weekend day.

These videos may or may not have anything much to do with Hoboken (other than they’re coming from H411) – but are intended to share interesting, entertaining, informative or funny clips with the readers.

Love ’em or hate ’em – I’m going to try and publish them weekly. You entertainment mileage may vary (depending on the subject matter).

Without further adieu – today’s inaugural selection:

You only wish you could be this athletic!

One trend that has caught my eye in the last couple years is freerunning.

Freerunning is an incredible skill and more of an art form as I see it. Jumping, flipping, scaling and rolling from building to building, structures, walls and more. These phenomenal athletes (I’m guessing a gymnastics background is a pre-requisite) perform feats that are normally reserved for animals of the wild – and it’s mesmerizing to watch.

They flow effortlessly from obstacle to obstacle with the utmost precision. Google Parkour if you want to see more like this.

(After the video starts, click “360p” on the YouTube window below and select “720p” for best quality)

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