Get out of Hoboken: Tomaso`s Italian


Great Italian in Edgewater NJ: Tomaso`s

Looking for a Italian alternative close by?

For a while now I’ve been meaning to give the Italian restaurant Tomaso’s (163 River Road in Edgewater) a try, and I finally did later on in the dinner hour last Saturday.

Though there was a private party upstairs, the bar/ dining area was surprisingly relaxed and the sounds of distant thudding Latin music upstairs were remote enough to surprisingly be a non-factor in my own experience. The dining area was casual, but the lighting and layout made it more cozy. I can imagine, though, that if the place got crowded earlier on a Friday or Saturday when most people eat dinner – it probably could get loud.

Excellent food & service; Even a Hoboken connection!

In terms of the service, everyone was great and I hit the jackpot with my waitress, Andrea. After some casual discussion, I learned that Andrea is actually a member of the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Squad; loves Hoboken; and is really knowledgeable about the menu and huge number of Tomaso’s specials. Overall the service was a major plus at Tomaso’s, but it wasn’t just Andrea even- it was everyone.

Bonus: I felt comfortable eating anything I wanted, because if I got a heart attack – qualified help was nearby!

As for the food, I was admittedly hungry but the bread on the table before the meal was incredible. Though Tomaso’s served a spiced olive oil with the bread, on its own the bread was so good that it was worth eating plain- not something I often find to be the case. Appetizers also went off with flying colors, especially the extremely refreshing and different pear salad with walnuts and crumbled bleu cheese over greens with a honey balsamic vinaigrette. Another appetizer I often order as a “control” is the calamari – and this was done very nicely. I didn’t have the same “rubbery” calamari complaints that I’ve noted lately at different establishments in Hoboken, and elsewhere. For entrees I got a bowl of Pasta Fagioli which was mildly flavored and delicious, and Meat Lasagna which was good, though slightly less “balanced” than I would have hoped. Honestly, more cheese could have worked in concert with the tangy and flavorful sauce. On the flipside, though, if you want a nice lasagna that is not too heavy- this is your entree.

Overall, it was a great night and I’d go back again. It would be nice to try a few more things on the menu, and become a regular patron at a place where the food and service are great. As for cost, the food was a little more reasonable than Hoboken prices (but they are not BYOB, so that pretty much negates the difference).

All things being equal, you’ll probably spend the same amount… and then have to drive home rather than walking. Every once in a while, though, a change of scenery is a necessity. And as I believe – if you like the food and the people, anyplace can be worth a quick trip!

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We enjoy going to Tomaso’s every now and then. A huge list of different specials each time too. If you don’t want to spend the $$ on the wine, you can always save the drinking for after dinner.