Friday Night Lights – Hoboken edition

Here’s another reader email about an annoyance in Hoboken. It seems that Hoboken411 has become the outsourced call center for City Hall these days. Quite possibly the only way things get noticed as of late.

She writes:

Dear Mr. 411,

Well, City Hall has been no help, so I’m turning to you and your readers. I’m trying to figure out who to contact directly about the lights outside of the outdoor roller rink on the corner of 2nd and Adams. I’ve lived across the street from the rink for the last two and a half years with no problems, until the evening of December 14th when I came home from my office holiday party to find the corner of 2nd and Adams lit up like a movie set. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life, and they’re on all. night. long. Even with blinds, it’s difficult to get a decent night’s sleep when your bedroom is brighter than fireworks on the 4th of July. I should take a pic for you and send it, but it’s really out of control.

Any thoughts? I’m so tired…

Annoyed on Adams

Who should she call to get this taken care of?

fridaynightlightshobokenmovie - Friday Night Lights - Hoboken edition

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[quote comment=”10609″]Sarah- I suppose it’s totally possible the person tried all means to figure it out… but it’s improbable. Most people are much happier complaining than doing.


You know what they say about assuming, Ms. Scarlett! You might be happier complaining than doing – which explains why I consistently see you on this site putting your two cents in on everything. 😆


[quote comment=”10593″]I spoke with Director Peluso at this evening’s City Council meeting and he said that he will look into it. He believes that it should just be a matter of resetting a timer and no problem to adjust, or possibly having city workers shut them off at 10pm. He seemed genuinely concerned about remedying the situation, so let us know how it works out.

Now, won’t it be something if it’s just as easy as that? No aluminum blinds, no moving to the suburbs, no “dealing with it.” Huh.[/quote]

estevens, you are amazing – thank you!! See, sometimes you just have to ask the right people, and as we now know, those people aren’t the idiots who answer the phones at City Hall. 🙁


Sorry, I think I missed the discussion about trash removal?? ❓ I was referring to the original post about the inexplicable lights and the person asking for advice on the situation.

My point is that it doesn’t [shouldn’t] hurt to ask one’s neighbors for advice (particularly on a site intended to promote community and the exchange of information) in the hope of getting some useful feedback.

If I ever have an issue that’s important to me that I can’t solve on my own, I hope there will be someone (like an estevens) who’s willing to offer some help.

kooky kat

I assume that is directed at me, you need to understand something.

This is a light, that was on all night long, in a skating rink that wasn’t used after 10PM or earlier (and most likely being paid for by the taxpayers of Hoboken to be left on all night for NO good reason.) Garbage collection since probably the beginning of time, and at least in every small town/big city I personally have ever lived in, is picked up in the middle of the night. Now, if you think that writing a letter to someone to try to stop trash removal from being done in the middle of the night when you are sleeping, then go for it!!

And when you’re finished, if you could ask my boss to make sure that I never have to get to work earlier and 9, and never work no later than 5, that’d be great. :mrgreen: