Even less parking for Hoboken residents!


Construction vans park all day with no permits

Received this complaint from several residents who live along Washington Street. For weeks now, contractors have been working on a property between 8th and 9th streets on the Avenue – parking in residential spots – with no paid permits. Not on the vehicle windshields, nor did they pay for the temporary no-parking regulation signs in front of the building they were working on.

Needless to say, some residents are quite frustrated – despite numerous attempts to reach out to city hall. Just another item added to the list to show you that there is less parking than ever in Hoboken.

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Even if we had flying cars, Hoboken would still have problems due to lack of planning at city hall.


Mentioned this before but this is far more frustrating to me than corner cars. These guys don’t need permits or stickers. They have the manpower to continually move the vans to avoid ticketing. Not sure what can be done about it though.