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Hoboken resident Scott Gerber helps entrepreneurs

How to dump your boss, build a business, and not go broke

Never get a real job Scott Gerber Hoboken NJ - Book Review: Never Get a REAL JobHoboken resident and entrepreneur Scott Gerber has a new book available now, entitled Never Get a Real Job.

Hoboken411 had a chance to review a pre-release copy of the book (also available for Amazon Kindle.)

With our increasingly tough economic times, with massive corporations failing left and right, Scott shines timely light on on what used to be the de facto standard for survival and prosperity: Getting a “real” job.

I’m sure many of you have heard from your parents or grandparents the “importance” of finding “steady” work at “reputable” corporations. Or picking a high-profile career that that used to be synonymous with success (doctor, lawyer, accountant or other kinds of professions). That may have been true a generation or two ago – but the game has changed, and even the most stable careers choices no longer provide the same future guarantees.

Gerber proudly proclaims that he has never held a “real” job, but instead has chosen to be an entrepreneur since his late teens. And at only 28 years old, has successfully built multiple businesses based on passion, conviction, and more importantly – his desire never to be one of the sheeple that puts tremendous effort working for someone else, but with little or no recognition or reward.

A simple blueprint devoid of unrealistic expectations

In Never Get a “Real” Job, Gerber has compiled an excellent foundation for understanding what it takes to break out of the 9-to-5 myth – and how to follow your passion to becoming self-employed – urging you to board the “Death to the Real Job Express” train. Along the way, he steers you away from “get rich overnight” books that litter the shelves of bookstores nationwide, instead offering real-world examples and straight to the point suggestions on what does and doesn’t work.

“Be afraid of putting other people before yourself, never earning what you’re worth, or losing your entire livelihood in an instant without any say in the matter.

Be afraid of waking up at 50 and realizing that your career has been nothing more than a patchwork of dead-end “real” jobs with nothing to show for it.”

Scott Gerber, author of “Never Get a “Real” Job.”

He also cites many examples of how NOT to run your new business, along with scores of resources that can help you along the way.

Other chapters cover marketing, team-building and making ends meet while you fortify your niche. He bluntly debunks countless “strategies” that you may have heard in the past – further proving the need to adopt to the changing market and economy.

Hoboken411 is also an entrepreneur, and while Scott Gerber is definitely more aggressive and has experimented with many more endeavors (with failures along the way – but hey, he’s a few years younger than me!) – his advice is spot on.

And even though much of what I read was a no-brainer to me specifically (as an experienced business owner), I still found plenty of information in the book that was useful, or previously unknown to me. I’ll definitely keep the book nearby for reference!

You can get more information from the book’s website or at his company website

Congratulations on the new book, Scott!

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