Official vehicles – illegally parked

Here a regular Hoboken411 reader sent some (admittedly crappy) cell phone pics to share with you all. He says:

“Before the City can expect the residents to understand and respect the need to keep our intersections clear, the City needs to stop and set an example.”

I totally agree. Either that, or if the City realizes there’s such a lack of parking that even they are blatantly disregarding their own (and the State’s) law, then maybe something should be done about it?

Grab your dig-cam or cell-cam, clean your lenses, and feverishly snap pictures of ANY City vehicle that is not following the law. Send them to, and if a good enough collection comes through, I’ll have a special photo gallery just for them!
Please mention in the email if you want to remain anonymous or if you want your username published.

Here’s the first doozy to get us started. Read more about them below.


Incident 1: Carpentry Division too close to intersection @ 1st & Bloomfield

What is one of the more busy intersections in town, crowded with cars and commuting pedestrians, this “Carpentry Division” van picked quite possibly the worst spot of them all to park. Completely blocking the view of northbound vehicles. I can understand fire trucks or police cars being anywhere during a call or emergency, but what is so important about some woodwork? “Hey Al, get down here in a hurry! This shelf is about to fall down!!” or “Oh my god, my tape measure is jammed, hurry over!” What other good lines can you come up with?


Incident 2: Mystery municipal vehicle in crosswalk at Bloom and Newark

Ok, not as bad, but still (according to the books) not permitted. Do “official” vehicles get preferential treatment? You betcha. I recall another reader (Willow, I think) mentioning something about a car with a shield in the window perpetually illegally parked uptown. Send your pics in!


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Sunday, January 14, 2007 10:48 am

Frightening- it appears that readers are (by number of posts) 4x more interested in discussing the taco truck.

Maybe the defense of illegal parking (“hey, the truck isn’t IN the crosswalk”) will start up again Tuesday, when the city workers return to their city-owned computers, on our time.

Friday, January 12, 2007 4:47 pm

Nobody gives a crap because we are near the hood. (I guess? Why else wouldn’t they care??)[/quote]
WOW guess Kat true colors just were revealed….calling our beautiful housing projects and the place unfortunate people call home the HOOD….love it…

Friday, January 12, 2007 4:45 pm

no argument from me Max, I welcome all Gods creatures life is way to short to complain or argue over nonsense, however, the patrons of character club have been arrested but that is on 1st and Monroe, not Adams Street. Also I def double park in front of Fiores especially on Thursdays for that awesome roastbeef and mozz sandwich with gravy. I double park alot, i either get ticket or i dont…most in town understand the situation and wont ticket unless being forced by superior or others from above…

kooky kat
kooky kat
Friday, January 12, 2007 4:44 pm

Don’t worry about me Max, those guys are harmless (imo.) The only time I called the cops was when the sidewalk was completely out in front of my building, and we were forced to walk into the street to pass – right into oncoming traffic! Not alone, with my animal (if I had a kid, I would have been LIVID!) I called the cops and said hey, there are a bunch of people double parked we can’t get through without going into the street. Guess what they said? Call your BUILDING about it? HUH?!

It wasn’t the club at that point anyway, people double park all over the place back in that neighborhood – Jefferson too. Nobody gives a crap because we are near the hood. (I guess? Why else wouldn’t they care??)

Friday, January 12, 2007 4:32 pm

Not sure we need to turn this into a BNR vs. Yuppie debate, blahblah. My only point was that K-Kat should be careful if she’s considering taking on any of the social club’s double parkers. If memory serves there have been a few arrests over the past year of some of the Character’s patrons on racketeering/bookmaking charges.

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