Hoboken comedian Chris Deluca

Susie Felber, who has a weekly interview column on the Comedy Central website, as well as her own blog, Felber Frolics, has recently interviewed local Hoboken comic Chris Deluca.


Chris also has a blog called “What sucks“.

Here’s part of the interview, and you can read the rest on the Comedy Central site. I happen to like that he calls Hoboken “The Prague of New Jersey”.

Susie Felber Interviews Comic Chris Deluca

susie_felber_m5.jpg(Every week, comedian Susie Felber interviews a different star of the comedy world for the CC Insider. You can read more of Susie on her blog, Felber’s Frolics. After an introduction, this week Susie interviews comic and comedy writer Chris Deluca.)

In my continuing quest to profile stand-up comedians who have figured out how to ply their funny somewhere other than a stage, I give you Chris Deluca – a comedian who has written for “The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn”, “Best Week Ever” and the 2005 & 2006 Video Game Awards. He took a break from tending his most excellent blog, What Sucks, to answer my probing questions. Read on to find out how he got his start in TV, how he makes executive decisions regarding “What Sucks” and where you can catch him performing these days.

Where are you from?
I was born in beautiful Staten Island, NY forever immortalized by “MTV Real Life: Staten Island Girls”, which sadly, is very much a documentary. Everything is okay though because now I live in Hoboken, the Prague of New Jersey.

When did you start performing comedy?

I think I was a freshman or sophomore in college. It was a bringer show at the Village Gate Theater- which was this cool place on Bleecker street in Manhattan where I think Belushi and Chevy Chase did “Lemmings”. Now, much like so much of New York, it’s a Duane Reade.

Anyone else in your family funny? Are they supportive of your career choice?
They all think they’re funny- does that count? Let’s see them try and make a living at this though. Good f**king luck, mom.

Yes they are pretty cool and supportive, I have brothers I bounce a lot of sh*t off of, and they come out and see me when I perform, and of course have constructive criticism that they offer.

chrisdeluca.jpgWhat was your first comedy job for pay? How did you land it?
I was working as an NBC page and had the 8H desk job at SNL. The guys there were cool enough to let me submit jokes for Weekend Update so technically the first thing I ever got paid for was selling a couple of jokes to Update for Norm MacDonald. I was able to then sell a couple of jokes to Colin Quinn and then get on a fax list at Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn. So I had a bunch of jokes on those shows and used that to get me my first real job, the job that let me quit my crappy day job a be a writer “full time” (13 weeks).

The show was for the old “TNN” and was called “Pop Across America”, a talk show done off the back of a flat bed truck, which traveled all over the country. We brought the show to the people. It was a lot of fun and I got to see the country the way it’s meant to be seen – by bus. We went from DC to Pittsburgh to Memphis to Austin and New Orleans. It aired about 4 times. James Brown, RIP, was our first musical guest and I had to meet with him to do a segment – my first job out of the gate.

Read the rest on the Comedy Central page!

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Great (and very well deserved) post on Chris Deluca. I’ve known Chris for 7 years and he’s one of the best of the best. Laugh out loud funny!!! 🙂

I can’t wait for him to host ‘The Hoboken Comedy Experiment’ Mon. Jan 22nd at the Goldhawk (8:45pm)! I went to the last ‘HCE’ show there and he gave away a free date with a local Hoboken Celebrity. I’m not sure who the celebrity date will be on the 22nd, but something tells me it’s this guy from GLAMOUR magazine:


Well, once again, Kudos Chris!