Reader mail: Towed away

Here we have a reader who dealt with the whole ticket/towing/storage fiasco. She ultimately got the case dismissed, but was still liable for the “storage fees”. Do you think that’s appropriate?

Tortuous Towing Tactics

Dear Hoboken411,

towedgif - Reader mail: Towed awayI just finished going through the court process of fighting a ticket and towing. Supposedly I parked in an emergency no parking zone on Monroe between 7th and 8th (in front of the Monroe Center), but the signs weren’t posted or had been pulled down. (I parked on Halloween, a Tuesday night, and the signs had been posted on the Saturday before with no reposting listed.) After going back and finding my car was towed, I fought the ticket. I went to court on two separate occassions. On the second visit, I went before the judge and without saying a word my case was dismissed and my towing fees were to be reimbursed.

Here’s the kicker–towing fees are reimbursed but storage is not. I only learned this after filling out the paperwork. How can such a process exist? Basically your car can be towed and ticketed unfairly, but no matter what, you get stuck with the storage fees for Mile Square Towing. My car was stored from Thursday to Friday and it cost me $50. What is the deal with this?

Loyal Hoboken411 reader

Also: Read this related letter sent to the Hoboken Reporter in July of 2006. Similar issues and more parking complaints:

Parking issues

Dear Editor:

The articles in your July 22nd issue about the ill-fated robotic parking garage as well as the parking officers suspended for ticketing the “politically connected” only proves that the Hoboken Parking Utility is in serious need of reform. However, there are additional parking issues that should be addressed: the excessive towing fees for illegally-parked cars, the inconvenience posed by temporary paper No-Parking signs, and the serious need for additional white parking lines to be painted. The citizens of today’s Hoboken should not stand by and let the HPU play the same games anymore at our expense.

Problem 1: Towing Fees. Mile Square Towing is contracted by the city to tow cars that are illegally parked. They charge an incredulous $80 towing fee as well as $25 per day for storage. This is unreasonable, since they don’t notify the car owner after towing but expect them to guess. Their customer service and storage area are substandard at best. It would be of interest to know what kind of contractual relationship they have with the city. And what happens if they cause vehicle damage during towing, as that robotic garage did when those cars fell down and got destroyed!

Problem 2: Paper white ‘temporary no parking’ signs that pop up everywhere. Sometimes they are put on trees, are partially obscured, or are not put up enough time in advance to warn people adequately. Just what are the regulations on use of these signs, and why does it seem that every construction project in town is using them to take up valuable sidewalk space for their trucks? Example: you park your Mercedes in a legal spot, go out of town for two days, and you return to find a white no-parking sign and your car is gone, only to make way for a flatbed cement truck!

Problem 3: Parking Lines. It would be helpful to get new white lines painted on many sidewalks to better indicate the legal parking range for cars, as well as to paint white dividing lines at diagonal parking areas so as to increase the available number of spots. Often many cars parking diagonally take up two spots because there are no dividing lines, and it is difficult to gauge a proper separation between cars.

A group of citizens should organize a committee to discuss parking issues and proper solutions to the city council. Most committees in City Hall are politically appointed, so we need new ideas to come from outside the political spectrum because the problems cannot be solved by more empty election promises. Anyone interested in forming such a group can email me at:

Al Bozulic

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Sunday, March 22, 2009 4:51 pm

Another happy customer/citizen. If you like the way things are now, don’t vote in May. :mrgreen:

Sunday, March 22, 2009 4:26 pm

:arrow:Ok I’ve lived in Hoboken for over 10 years and never in my life have I been towed till this year. 1,2,3 times within the course of a 3 month period. It’s outrageous! “Temporary no parking” boots are the biggest problem.. no where are there any signs and the following morning my car is missing. This town has interfered with my job way too much. Today I walked down and my car has been towed AGAIN and since its Sunday, there’s no recourse.

:arrow:This town used to be a nice place to live but now that they’ve upped the price on all the decals & fines, making it impossible for friends to visit (yea they get towed too) its cut too deeply into our quality of life.

:arrow:Thanks a lot Hoboken for TAXING your remaining residents out of existence. I really enjoy not being notified of towings either, and your rude clerks. I hope city hall crumbles around the lot of you and they find your remains amongst rat-piss saturated drop-ceiling rubble and the weight of your own bullshit. Rot in hell you thieves 👿

Wednesday, January 17, 2007 1:35 pm

Few people will be brave or foolish enough to admit this, but I will.

I paid for 2 signs for Sat 1/6/07. The parking people said they had to be up by thursday the latest (they need 2 days notice). I saw them go up Thurday. Saturday comes along, there is one space free, not 2. Someone was parked right next to the sign. We tried to unload the truck on the street. But with a narrow street with parking on both sides that blocked it completely and we were told to stop. Since we paid to have the spaces for the truck I called the police and they sent the parking team out. The parking team called the tow company and they used a chain to drag the car clear of the one in front of it before hooking it up and towing it away. Folks on the block speculated about who’s car it was so that we could ask them to move it, but no one knew who it belonged to. I didn’t want to have it towed, but we had a truck load of furniture it is insane to think I was going to carry it from a few blocks away, assuming we could find a spot for the moving truck.

Monday, January 15, 2007 10:19 am

[quote comment=”10307″]timber — no they don’t. and if you play “stupid” if they do, they you’re probably in the clear. just don’t get any tickets.[/quote]

Ummm YES they do!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007 10:01 pm

timber — no they don’t. and if you play “stupid” if they do, they you’re probably in the clear. just don’t get any tickets.

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