Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets: 11/29/2010


Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend! Here’s a few nuggets for the AM…

Black Friday; Cyber Monday: Does it matter?

I’m sure I’m not the only one buying into the hype about these massive shopping days. Maybe it was just the malls or big-box stores, but the retail scene here in Hoboken sure didn’t seem like much – in fact, I saw a few stores close earlier than usual.

While there was some stampeding at stores like Target (see video below) – you might want to take what you hear about how well the retail sector performed from the cable news networks with a grain of salt. Any surge or decline in retail shopping has minimal effect on the entire economy, since it only makes up about 8% of the GDP.

Some spoon-fed sources say that the economic “recovery” might get more steam – while other more cautious sources are calling the outlook so far a dud.

Speaking of Cyber Monday

I checked out my favorite online store – Amazon.com – for their Cyber Monday deals – and didn’t see much I was interested in.

The things I like don’t usually go on sale often. Instead, I use an online service like Camel Concierge (CamelCamelCamel.com) – where you can track Amazon.com products – and receive an email or text message when the price reaches a target level you assign. Pretty helpful, actually. Interesting how you can also track historical prices of the items on your radar – and you can see, that sometimes these things lower significantly in price – even for just part of a day. The Camel Concierge service does the searching for you, so you don’t miss a price drop.

camel camel camel screen shot - Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets: 11/29/2010

Ukrainian Women protest sans shirts

Not sure what these Ukrainian ladies from FEMEN are protesting about, women’s rights or prostitution, but they’re up in arms about something.

Would semi-nude protests work here in the USA?

Pilsener Haus has a Facebook identity again!

Many folks were wondering what happened to the Pilsener Haus Biergarten page on Facebook – well, it’s back so be sure you friend them!

Pilsener Haus Biergarten Hoboken NJ back on Facebook - Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets: 11/29/2010

Weekly Hoboken Weather Outlook

Other than some rain predicted for Tuesday night into Wednesday – another seasonally normal week. But some snowy conditions may be on tap for next week!

Hoboken NJ weather outlook November 29 2010 - Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets: 11/29/2010

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The Professor
The Professor
Monday, November 29, 2010 2:27 pm

Sorry to say it… but I’m not buying any reports that the retail sector performed well. Every five minutes I get an email from some retailer with a deal that is better than the last. They are practically begging me to buy something. But why save 25% now when I can wait two months and buy whatever it is for 30-50% off instead?

Monday, November 29, 2010 11:46 am

Hopefully the snow stays in the forecast for next week! Besides just the beauty of the snowfall itself, I love the collective shoveling out effort afterwards, traffic delays, the crisp stillness, and everything looking different underneath a white blanket. I’ll be checking in on Hoboken411 for updates on this…and keeping my fingers crossed.

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