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Did you know about J CITY Theater?

Some Hoboken residents say that for a population hovering around or above 50,000 residents, the “theater” representation is quite limited. We do have some ongoing productions, like the Mile Square Theatre at the Monroe Center, The Theater Company that performs over at the Stevens Institute campus, and occasional shows put on by local schools (like The Mystery of Edwin Drood coming up in December). But for the most part, many feel that it’s lacking.

Well, never fear – there are other options close by, that don’t involve the cost and complications of heading to Manhattan – such as the J CITY Theater, as stones-throw away from Hoboken – right at St. Michaels’ Church at Hamilton Park, Jersey City (MAP).

Here’s their simple mantra:

“Using the highest of professional standards and the safest of creative environments, we create quality, high energy and life transforming theater. Our focus is always on the actor and the story.

Our process is to strip away the extraneous in order to reach the core of the story and then to tell it with sophisticated simplicity. In the end: a damn good show.

J City Theater Map Jersey City NJ relative to Hoboken

If this interests you, then you’ll be glad to know about their upcoming show which debuts this week…

Next J CITY show: A Tuna Christmas

A Tuna Christmas J City Theater Jersey City NJOn December 1st, 2010 J CITY Theater will open “A Tuna Christmas” by Jaston Williams, Joe Sears, and Ed Howard at The Underground Theater at Hamilton Park in downtown Jersey City. Performances run Wednesday through Saturday at 8pm.

Audiences are encouraged to reserve tickets due to limited seating and a limited run. The show is scheduled to close on December 11th.

“A Tuna Christmas” is a marathon Christmas comedy of southern madness. The Christmas yard display contest is heating up in the small town of Tuna, Texas as neighbor fights neighbor for the most outrageous display of lights, Santas, Baby Jesus’ and Rudolphs. This year however, there is a Christmas Phantom on the loose, spreading vandalism and havoc. With quick-change zaniness and quicksilver one-liners, two incredibly talented actors introduce us to 22 of the wildest citizens in Tuna, Texas.

J CITY’s annual production of A TUNA CHRISTMAS has become a not-to-be-missed holiday tradition in downtown Jersey City. Having grown each year, it has now reached the level of outrageous spectacle. “This show is really our gift back to Jersey City,” says Executive Producer Clay Cockrell. “We have a great time doing it and our audiences love coming each year. They’ve become so familiar with these wild characters that they are sometimes saying the lines before we do. All year long people ask us: ‘ Is Tuna coming back this Christmas?’ People are planning their holiday travel around performances! Maybe we should say it is a holiday addiction.”

Sandy Cockrell, Artistic Director, said that the show is always a great change of pace for the company. “We pride ourselves on our motto: theater in the raw. As a production team our focus has always been on the actor and the purity of each particular story. However with Tuna Christmas we really have to pull out all the technical stops. The comedy is found in the quick changes and the bizarre costumes and wigs… the fact that two actors are portraying 22 characters. This show is a wild and breathless ride.”

A Tuna Christmas J City Theater Jersey City NJ photo 1


And this is a quick turn around for J CITY. Their hit production of “State of the Union” only closed on November 13th. “State of the Union was an incredible experience for us” says Kellis Carroll, Associate Artistic Director. “It was our largest and most successful production to date – and it was a real thrill to receive both local and national press coverage. I think it was indicative of the level of work we produce and the momentum that we are gathering.”

J CITY Theater is a not-for-profit professional theater company based in Jersey City, New Jersey. It is a founding company of the Hudson County Theatre Alliance. Recent productions include this summer’s hit comedy GUN-SHY by Richard Dresser, Mark St. Germain’s THE GOD COMMITTEE, Peter Nichols’ PASSION and Archibald MacLeish’s J.B. They are also known for their engaging one act plays (Compression of a Casualty and The Spot) during HCTA’s annual One Acts Festival. J CITY Theater’s mission is to create quality, high energy theater that is told with sophisticated simplicity.

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Monday, November 29, 2010 12:41 pm

A Tuna Christmas sounds like it has a wacky and fun premise. People really do get competitive about their holiday decorations. This reminds me of a certain corner house on a main road in Gillette, NJ. They have maybe a few hundred lit up ornaments on their front lawn- no joke. I always wondered what sort of hubub and power issues it created in the neighborhood. Now, years later, many neighbors are in competition. What a sight for sore eyes!

As for JCity Theatre, I’ve been there and was pleasantly surprised! I hope others check it out.

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