Teeth knocked out

A domestic violence call came in from multiple neighbors at 1313 Grand Street. It’s been reported that a woman in that building had her teeth knocked out by a male actor. Even in fancy condos you cannot escape the violence. No further details about who/what/why. Hoboken EMS is also being called on the scene in case medical assistance is required. I’d say a dentist might be a better idea. Either way, whoever she is, hope she’s OK!

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Sorry to be a killjoy, boys and girls, but I need to say this. Statistics show that one out of 10 women in the US is currently experiencing domestic violence (which includes verbal abuse). The majority of domestic violence victims are women, although male victims are less likely to report the crime.

And hob411, as far as I know NJ law has not changed and the police are still required to file a report if there are injuries, regardless of what the victim does.

If you or anyone you know needs help, there is a lot of information at http://www.womenslaw.org. The local hotline is 201-333-5700. The Hoboken Police Dept can put you in touch with these resources if you call them. If you are in immediate danger call 911.

OK, you’ve been educated. Now go back to your lives.


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